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31 May 2023
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Green Forest Hostel and Cafe
The best price and location for stay and the pleasant atmosphere, cheap food and coffee as 'afternoon tea' in the music lounge for local friends in Chongqing, cold beers and best deal for cocktails in the evening. See you soon!
 Tel: 02363033925   Email:
 Address: 4F Yuya Bldg, No 7 Zhongxing Road, Jiaochangkou, Jiefangbei(Right close to Muslim Buildingϳ·7Ǵ4¥)

New in Chongqing, the second hostel after Yangtze River Hostel in the same city and by the central location(just opposite to the EXIT 4 of Jiaochangkou station on line 1), it is the coolest place for you to kill time.
After Guilin, Nanning, Yangshuo, Green Forest Hostel finally come to Chongqing this year and we are so glad to open one more hostel after Yangtze River Hostel in Chongqing!!! We have a team of caring down to earth people who truly dedicate themselves to their guests ensuring that their stay is memorable and pleasant. We are consistently building our reputation to be one of the best hostels in China. It is located in the central area of Chongqing, Jiefangbei, right close to the Metro station, shopping mall, cool bar area, banks, supermarket, as well as the unique Chongqing old part, such as suspended building, flea market and local tasty food. We are new, but only the surface, we have experience in how to run one good hostel for travelers!

Green Forest Hostel and Cafe was built using natural, renewable resources, and combining that with unique local culture. We aim to guide you through the city as a local. Our friendly lobby also makes it easy to meet new friends. Choose Green Forest Hostel for the best experience in (which ever city!) city center. Our service is based on the protection of the environment, local culture and personalized travel tips to create space for equal communication. We respect local characteristics and encourage communication rather than purpose traveling in an extremely comfortable and luxurious way.

From Airport
Option 1: Take the metro line 3 to LiangLuKou (·)then transfer line 1 to JiaoChangKou (ϳ), go out from Exit 4 .We are opposite to Exit 4.
Option 2: Take Airport shuttle bus to Shangqingsi ()then Bus 152 to HePingLu (ƽ·)walk down to Hostel.

From Chongqing North Train /Bus Station
Option 1: Take the metro line 3 to LiangLuKou (·ڣthen transfer line 1 to JiaoChangKou (ϳ), go out from Exit 4 . We are opposite to Exit 4.
Option 2 : Taxi to Green Forest Hostel

From Chongqing Train/Bus Station
Option 1: Bus 429 to ZhongXingLu (·)20 minutes, then walk to hostel.
Option 2: Taxi to Green Forest Hostel,10 minutes, 11RMB

By AnnieHu (Female. China)View all her listings 

Date: 03 Jul 13   Views: 344   Reviews: 2          

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