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Discover Chongqing Ancient Townships

Today, throughout China many well preserved traditional towns and villages can still be found. Many are quite famous and have become popular tourist attractions. Features of these towns and villages vary depending on their locations but most often include, defensive city walls and/or city gates, temple compounds, large and elegant family mansions, schools, and some can even boast sophisticated underground water supply systems and storm water drainage.

The other significant similarity with all these towns and villages is their situation on waterways, whether they be the man made canals on the eastern plains or the rivers and streams in the mountainous regions of the west or a combination of both. Historically, waterways were the essential mode of transport and are still important in many rural regions of the country. Sadly, with the damming and irrigation of rivers for farming and drinking water the water levels have dropped drastically.

Chongqing has a charming collection of ancient garrison towns and mountain villages, although many of them have suffered the sad and often drastic, ugly and devastating impact of modernization. During the past few years several of these historic towns have been submerged under the rising waters of dammed rivers, most notably, Gongtan ̲ an ancient garrison town on the Wu Jiang, and the dramatic setting of many historic Chinese movies.

Lets begin our discovery in Chongqing city itself with the most popular and easily accessible of all the Municipalities Ancient Towns.

ɳƺ  SHAPINGBA District on the Jialing River is the location of Ciqikou which these days has been absorbed with the city boundaries. Once a busy port, distributing the local porcelain products throughout the Kingdom, Ciqikou is a well preserved and interesting living picture of Chinas past.

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing City Walks.

  JIANGBEI District

Long Xing ˹
is an ancient garrison town just 40 minute bus ride from the city. Its a small collection of six open squares with many well preserved ancestral halls along the narrow streets, some covered and a few other historical buildings of note and was a busy market town during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its small streets are lined with teahouses and herbal apothecaries.

BA'NAN District 

ʢ Fengsheng 

High in a valley above the Yangtze River, Fengsheng is at the junction of two important horse trading routes.  A well defined stone path from Guizhou in the south converges with the wider more heavily trafficked bluestone flagged road from the down river city of Fuling in the east. 

for more information refer to Discover Chongqing Ba'nan Weeking Getaway

   BEIBEI District
is home to another small village near Jindao Xia Ͽ called Pianyan Guzhen, on the banks of a small stream. The village Temple is well preserved and the most significant remaining feature of the village. A visit here should be combined with a walk in the beautiful Jindao Xia Golden Knife Gorge.

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing Beibei Weekend Getaway.

ϴ  HECHUAN District is home to the well preserved ancient garrison town of Laitan ̲ on the Jialing River to the north east of the city. Laitan makes an interesting day or weekend getaway with remnants of its defensive walls and gates. Guesthouse accommodation is available.

Also in this county is the historic Diaoyucheng or Fishing Village, famous for an ancient battle won here. Situated close to Hechuan Town

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing Hechuan Weekend Getaway.

ٲ  RONGCHANG County  

·׹ Lukong  

Life is slow and leisurely for residents in Lukong, but it wasnt always that way. New interstate highways have cut this village off from the mainstream but folk from nearby Rongchang still enjoy a cool and peaceful cruise or a riverside meal of fresh fish.  The busy thoroughfare from Jiangjin in the south to Tongliang to the north once crossed the river at Lukong. 

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing Rongchang Weekend Getaway. 

  TONGNAN County in the far northwest of the municipality has an interesting collection of scenic and historic sites including the ancient village of Shuang Jiang ˫ ten kilometers north of the County seat of Tongnan.

ShuangJiang is the ancestral home of Yng Shngkn (1907C1998) who held the Presidency of the People's Republic of China from 1988 to 1993

It is also home of the Giant Buddha Temple and in the springtime the flowering of rapeseed or canola plants draws large crowds to the County

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing Tongnan Weekend Getaway.

   JIANGJIN District  in the far southwest has several ancient towns including the very popular Zhongshan Gu Zhen ɽ which is a wonderful day trip or weekend getaway. The old village stretches along the the river with many of the buildings overlooking the river and gently waving bamboo on the opposite banks. Zhongshan was once a busy transport hub with trade and commerce relying on the small streams like the Bamboo Shoot Ϫ that flows through this hilly region. Hidden in the surrounding valleys are waterfalls, temples, crumbling stockade walls and a few other odd sights that are worth the hike.

Tanghe Zhen ̸ is the other ancient village tucked away near the border of Sichuan and each year hosts a dragon boat race that draws large crowds swelling the population of the village during that weekend. The old Wangye Miao or temple above the river is the most distinct feature remaining of this village and the historic 500 room Shilongmen and the 19th century Tingzhongci Shrine and much more.

For more information refer to Discover Chongqing Jiangjin Weekend Getaway.

  YOUYANG Tujia Miao Autonomous Region

Youyang County despite being some distance from Chongqing is relatively easy to get to and well worth a few days sightseeing. The new rail link and a new expressway both shorten travel time considerably.

Gongtan ̲ is one of many fascinating old villages that have fallen foul to the flood of progress throughout China. The nations growing demand for renewable energy resources has taken a heavy toll on rural areas. Situated on the steep banks of the Wu Jiang much of the old town was recently flooded when a new dam and hydroelectric power plant just upstream from Pengshui ˮ came online. Gongtan recently hosted an International Rock climbing Competition, offers white water rafting and has featured in several movies. The river still plays an important role in local transport and until the recent rise in water levels the old tracking paths could still be seen - cut deep into the steep cliffs above wild waters of the river.

The remote village of Houxi  ϵ , in the mountains to the east of Youyang is preparing for and influx of visitors. The new freeway and rail link brings this county closer for all to enjoy.  

Houxi can be reached via Longtan ̶ and Youchou ϳ both of which also contain remnants of the past, especially Longtan with an old family hall containing a small museum. 

뽭 Qijiang District
Ϫ Dongxi Guzhen situated 30 kms south of Qijiang (on G75) at the junction of three rivers the Fuling, Dongding and Qijiang.  Sitting on the north bank of Dingshan lake this ancient village which dates from the Tang Dynasty retains it's old bluestone cobbles and quaint arched bridges and many historical buildings.  The village is set amidst beautiful scenery of forests, streams, rivers and waterfalls.  

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