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The redevelopment of Jiangbei Cheng, across the river from Jiefangbei, makes a bold statement on Chongqing’s already geometric skyline.

A state of the art Science and Technology Museum, Kejiguan 科技馆 , opened in September 2009, followed shortly after by the city’s new Opera House, Gejuyuan 歌剧院, stand in stark contrast to what was demolished in 2005 to make way for Chongqing’s new cultural centre.


These days the area is already a popular spot for a variety of activities, especially newlyweds who are taking advantage of the gardens that now surround the two original churches in the area, albeit, recently remodelled, to shoot that ‘church wedding photo’.


Top shot taken February 2010

This original black-brick Catholic Church, Delesan 德肋撒, originally established by a Chinese Catholic in 1855 was built by the French in 1928. It was painstakingly taken apart brick by brick and re-erected some distance from its original site. The building has also been turned 180o with its back to the river and a garden teahouse added on the side.

Above shot taken April 2005


The other church, called Fuyintang 福音堂, originally built by a British missionary doctor  in 1894, was completely demolished but the new building stands roughly in the same location as the original which I visited in 2005 amidst the rubble of demolition in the neighbourhood.

Above taken April 2005. Inside the British built Fuyintang with three pastors.

It is interesting to note that the Government has paid the bill for this reconstruction work on both these buildings.

Getting there:  Taxi for the present.  Line 6 expected to open in October Public buses are available but limited.

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