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Wansheng City is the gateway to some wonderful one day or weekend escapes. Hiking at Black Mountain Valley or the Stone Forest and rafting Tong Gu Tan are just three great places of interest in the county.  The lofty and steep sided mountains of the region rival those of the now famous Longsheng with tiers of rice terraces cascading down the slopes.

Wansheng, the county seat can be reached by bus from Nanping (90 mins) and train and good range of accommodation is plentiful.

Hei Shan Gu  ɽ  Black Mountain Valley is one of the prettiest places in Chongqing and is a relatively comfortable day trip from the city. A public bus (Y5) from Wansheng leaves regularly from the tourist kiosk and takes about one hour to the north gate. This scenic spot is actually two rivers running through deep narrow gorges. A cable car (Y20) cuts the descent time into the gorge and affords spectacular views of the river, falls and forest beneath it. 
A boardwalk takes hikers downstream past a myriad of waterfalls to the junction of the two streams. The walk then turns upstream where a floating boardwalk is wired to the walls of another narrow fissure gorge little more than two meters wide and hundreds of meters deep is some places. After rain this can be a wet and wild experience and in May 2005 several of the small bridges spanning these streams were washed away by flood waters. An electric bus (Y20) takes hikers several kilometres to the west gate where the last public bus leaves for town at 5.30pm. (Allow 3 / 4 hours)
Shi Lin ʯ  Stone Forest sits like a crown of jewels on a mountain peak about 20kms from Wansheng. A public bus (Y5) leaves regularly from the tourist kiosk in town and takes about one hour. It\'s a steep climb from the car park to the stone forest which is often shrouded in low misty clouds which adds to its charm. There\'s a cave beneath the peak that\'s worth a visit but take an umbrella. Miao locals also perform singing and dancing daily. Check times before you climb up.
(Allow 2 /3 hours or more for the show. Guides are available for an extra fee Y50 and advisable if conditions are misty)
Tong Gu Tan ͭ ̲  Copper Drum Banks offers a refreshing but tame rafting experience on the Podu River just over the border in Guizhou Province. You\'ll need to hire a car from Guanba  for the trip to the river. Public bus (Y5) from tourist kiosk in town takes a little less than an hour. Drivers will meet you off the bus and you\'ll need to negotiate hard and be sure to include transport back to Wansheng after the rafting. (approx Y200 round trip)
The drive out to the river climbs through deep valleys and terraced mountains passing by many black tiled, rammed earths, bare floored farmhouses. The rafting can last from 1-2 hours depending on the speed you wish to travel and how often you want to stop or swim. Your driver will meet you at Tong Gu Tan where the villagers are curious and friendly but seldom see foreigners. Expect them all to come out to take a look. There is a change room on the river bank at the pick up point. While there is no actual white water it is advisable to take a \'Dry Sack\'  for your valuables, camera etc. Y100 Rafting fee
Tong Gu Tan offered a three in one ticket which saved us Y40 overall. This may be available at the other attractions.  
Each of these can be done on a day trip, Hei Shan and Shi Lin can be done in a day or the three sites can be covered in a weekend. Hire a car in Guanba for the weekend, rafting on day one, staying overnight before visiting Shi Lin and Hei Shan on day two and have your driver return you to Wansheng to catch a bus back to Nanping. Buses from Nanchuan pass through as late as 7/7.30. Ask your driver to drop you where you can catch this if you get back to town after 4.30pm when the last buses leave from Wansheng.
Ao Tao Ji  is another geological park, similar to Shi Lin but includes beautiful waterfalls, streams and mysterious sink holes where these streams literally dissappear.  The park is stuated between Shi Lin and Heishan Gu.

Jiu Guo Qing ɭֹ԰ is a large State Forest Park on the way to Tong Gu Tan

Wansheng also offers hot springs and several lesser known attractions in the district.
Accommodation is available at all Scenic Spots but the best choices can be found in Wansheng town.

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