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Established in 1242 Diao Yu Cheng is a fortified compound covering 2.5 sq kms in the Diao Yu Mountains on the southern shore of the Jialing River. It overlooks the junction of two tributaries of the Jialing just outside Heyang Town in Hechuan County. In 1258 the Mongols launched a three-way attack on the Song Dynasty, and in February the next year Diao Yu City found itself besieged. The Song army mounted a valiant counterattack that lasted for 36 years and made worldwide military history by withstanding such a strong enemy with such a weak force. This prompted some European historians to laud Diao Yu Cheng as the "Mecca of the East" and "Where God broke his whip". The ruins of the ancient battlefield of Diao Yu Cheng are well preserved.

Location C Hechuan City, Chongqing (кϴ)

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