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See also: Double Decker Bus ˫ʿ | Trains | Motorbikes & three-wheelers Ħгֳ | Airport Shuttle | Elevator | Escalator 綯 | Ferry | BRT ٹ | Cable Car | Taxi ⳵ | Bus
The Qinggui or Light Rail is a combination of above ground monorail and underground metro system that will one day in the future alleviate much of the road congestion caused by buses and taxis.

One change allowed within 1 hour to bus/cable car or escalator/elevator for no extra charge or reduced fare.

Line 1, Red Line Chaotianmen to Bishan ɽ is currently open with stations from Xiaoshizi to Daxxuecheng ѧ and beyond with interchanges at Jiaochangkou (2), Lianglukou (3) and Daping (2)

Line 2,  Green Line Jiaochangkou ϳ via Xinshancun ɽ to Yudong 㶴with interchanges at Jiaochangkou (1) Niujiaotuo (3) and Daping (1) and Yudong (3)   runs part way along the Jialing River and has become a popular sightseeing ride for both locals and tourists.

Running from Jiaochangkou on the peninsular via Xinshancun beyond Yudong in the western suburbs, this line covers tourist attractions such as the People's Great Hall, Three Gorges Museum, the Olympic Sports Centre at Yuanjiagang, Flying Tigers and Stillwell Museums at Fotuguan and the Zoo at Yangjiaping.

Line 3 Blue Line is now operational from the Airport in the north to Yu Dong 㶴 (with ext to Nanchuan in the future).  Nuijiaotuo interchange ţ  (2) on the Jialing River and Lianglukou ·  and ԰ (1) before crossing the Yangtze River to Nanping and Yudong 㶴 (2) in the south.  

This line connects the Airport, Garden ExpoBullet Train Stations Longtousi,ͷ North Railway Station,  𳵱վ, North Bus Terminal at Hongqihegou ӹ (Interchange with line 6) and Central Railway Station at Caiyuanba ԰(Lianglukou Stop ·վ) before crossing the river to Nanping and the South Bus Station at Sigongli Ĺ. All stations are now open line operates from 6.30 am to 11.00pm

Line 6  Pink Line 6.30 am to 10.30 pm Beibei or  Yuelai Exhibition Centre  to Chayuan ԰ in the south (Fully operational Dec 2015)

Interchanges at Hongqihegou ӹ (3) and Xiaoshenzi Сʲ (1)

The service is clean, efficient, punctual and uses a swipe card fare system with a maximum fare is Y5/Y6.

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