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The Ultimate Jam  
Greetings, fellow music-lovers and musicians,

Put simply, ‘The Ultimate Jam’, would be a jamming session with as many musicians as Chongqing has to offer.

This thread is purely to gauge interest levels and see how many people would attend.
We don’t have a location in mind at the moment to play at but that really depends on just how many people would want to come- that being said, if anyone has a good venue in mind, feel free to suggest a place.

Here’s how it would happen-
Each musician should bring along 3 to 5 songs (lyrics/music sheets/chord progressions a must) that they enjoy playing; if you could bring along the actual song on your phone or iPod that would be great too. Any genre is welcome; however, I’d recommend that the songs be ones that most people would enjoy listening to and playing.

The biggest thing, though, is that they should be relatively simple- so simple that those of us who haven’t been playing very long could also join in. However, we can’t just be playing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, so try and find a balance between Good Song and Pretty Easy To Play.

Other than that, just bring your instrument- or just yourself if you sing- and any other materials you might need.

Post in this thread if you are interested in coming along (post the instruments you play, if you like) or if you have any questions. Don’t forget to post what days and times when you’d be free.

Remember: no matter what music you like, no matter what instrument you play, and no matter how good you are with the instrument, you are very welcome to come along and have some fun, without the added stress of performing for a live (and generally spiteful) audience.
By WillWonka (Male. Australia)
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Date: 14 Apr 10    Views: 1528    Comments:           

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