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Lukong ·

Life is slow and leisurely for residents in Lukong, but it wasnt always that way. New interstate highways have cut this village off from the mainstream but folk from nearby Rongchang still enjoy a cool and peaceful cruise or a riverside meal of fresh fish. The busy thoroughfare from Jiangjin in the south to Tongliang to the north once crossed the river at Lukong.

The local practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine - an uneducated, self-taught man of letters and calligrapher - grey haired and in his sixtys, was also quite the local historian. We sat and chatted about family notables and village history and after a brief consultation, he showed us his view of the river from the rooms at the back of his apothecary, simple and surprising cool on such a hot day.

Traffic across the picturesque arched bridge is brisk. It spans the river just above the weir and carries only pedestrians and hand pushed carts or bicycles. The only accommodation we found was riverside - simple, clean and cheap - ideal spot for sipping tea while watching the sunset.

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