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22 Nov 2017
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CQExpat Chinese Corner - Chat to learn Chinese  
21 Nov2017
Attention! Next Meeting and all subsequent meetings will be held on Tuesday, not Saturday!

Time: 7
pm to 9pm, 21 November 2017
Expat Club Koala Garden CoffeeL5-7 Landmark Riverside Park, Nan'an District (ϰλ㹺﹫԰L5-7԰)
See the following post for more details about this location:
Need help? Call Sarah at 6250 9696 or Gary at 15683029529.

Dear expat members,

Expats who wish to learn and practice their Chinese speaking (Mandarin) are welcome to join us between 7pm and 9pm, every Tuesday here at Expat Club Koala Garden Coffee (click here for address). It's absolutely FREE - we only ask that you order a beverage or food item to support this service.

Our Chinese Corner will go like this:

1. First half: Native Chinese speaking hosts (highly experienced in teaching Chinese) will teach expat learners practical spoken Chinese.

2. Second half: Everyone will be given ample time to speak Chinese, with the assistance of Chinese hosts. They will also have the chance to ask 
the Chinese host any questions and learn Chinese cultures and customs.

For those who are interested, the differences between Mandarin and the Chongqing dialect will also be explained. 

3. Attendees may possibly be divided into 2 groups according to their Chinese levels for better results.

You will learn essential Chinese words, expressions, and grammars, and practice your Chinese skills through real-life practice - with peers who are also expats interested in learning spoken Chinese! We only focus on practical Chinese C Chinese that you can put into everyday use. 

Please register your interest by sending an email to or writing a PM (private message) to webmaster. We will then send you an invitation to our upcoming Chinese Corner.

You may also join our WeChat Group (expats ONLY):



Originally started in 2007 (about the same time as the beginning of Sunday C.A.F.E.) by webmaster at Honey Coffee, Hongyadong and ceased after he moved back to Australia. Many old cqexpat members took part in this regular activity then and benefited from it.

See the following records of this event:
By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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