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CAFE (Chinese and Foreigner Exchange) Club  
19 Sep2010
 Now Sunday C.A.F.E. Please see this thread:
Please note that anyone is welcome to attend CAFE sunday's.  There is no membership, it is just a case of turning up for the event.  The restaurants we use do not expect everyone to order food, it is your choice.

Sunday September 19th

Meet at the Liberation Monument near Starbucks entrance JFB at 12.30pm. 

We will then go to Uncle Restaurant Jiaochangkou for lunch then at 2.15pm go to the Beer Garden at Jiaochangkou for relaxation.

My number is 136 354 26367

Conversation Club is now renamed to CAFE Club.

This is historical information about CAFE - latest information is shown above

We have four members who plan to gather for English conversation over coffee and/or lunch once a week.

The purpose of this club is not only to engage in English conversation, but also to foster friendships.

Unlike formal meetings where we hope to get a large group, these meetings will happen as long as there are two people to converse with each other.  

I have read some comments on this web site about people being lonely/bored in Chongqing because they have no English speaking friends.  This is their opportunity to change that.

It is also an opportunity for English speaking Chinese members to get more exposure to English.

You are invited to join us.

The first gathering will be Saturday February 2 in Jie Fang Bei at 12.00pm.   I will post the full details on January 31.
By musicman4069 (Male. Australia)
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Date: 22 Jan 08    Views: 20522    Comments:           

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