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This walk begins at the Cable Car Terminus above Nanbin Road ϱ· and covers the area that was once Chongqings International Settlement established during the period that this major inland port was opened as Treaty Port. 

Take the Cable Car from Jiefangbei and enjoy the panoramic view of the Yangtze River.  From Nanping take bus 338/873 or 385.  Once youve arrived on Nanbin Road head east following the river downstream.  The first place of interest is a building housing the Harley Davidson Showroom and restauant. 

Next door, what was once the American Embassy Bar ʹݾư is now 1891 restaurant/bar replacing the glamorous wedding photographic studio which operated for several years.  This is one of several buildings in the area that have already been restored.  Still standing, and very recently restored, was the home of a wealthy Chinese family now overshadowed by the surrounding redevelopment in an area of н.

Continue along the river to the new Sunshine 100 development.  The only colonial building remaining along this road is the merchant building Brunner & Mond (later ICI China) Bu Nei Men Yang Hang with its arched stone gateway currently overrun with creeping vines.  The surrounding slope is being redeveloped and this building will eventually be renovated and opened to the public.

Continue up the slope to the intersection at the top of the hill past the Ship Building Yards hidden behind grey steel doors and tunnel.  Further up on the left youll notice a few other old buildings of similar vintage.  Turn left at the intersection of Wu Yuan Ժand on the right is the entrance of the Canadian Embassy ʹ grounds where three buildings remain in the shady ramshackle gardens.  Today these buildings are the property of the Number 5 Peoples Hospital and the home of retired hospital staff and families.  (As at Dec 2014 most of this area has been demolished -so nothing much to see)

The original Ren Ji Yi Yuan ҽ Ժ hospital  building, built in the 1896 by British Missionarys and later operated by the Canadians can be seen behind the towering new building of the Number 5 Peoples Hospital at Wu Yuan.  American Missionarys also built the Kuan Ren Yi Yuan ҽ Ժa Training Hospital in this area in 1892 but it appears not to have survived.

From Wu Yuan continue to walk or take a taxi the short distance down the hill to Nanbin Road to the last of this walks historic sites. 

Back on Nanbin Lu cFrench Naval Barracks closed awaiting renovations.

The French Naval Barracks
ˮʦӪ built in 1902.  Today it is a small museum and a teahouse, bar and restaurant called the Champs Elyse 1902.  The Barracks were originally built to service and re-supply the French Navys Orient Fleet on the Yangtze River and the Orient.

Its here in the museum Y10 that we find many historic photos of Chongqing and a list of the foreign interests in the city more than 100 years ago.  These include the British, Americans, French, Canadians and Japanese. 

From French Barracks catch one of the green and white mini buses Y1 or a taxi back to the Cable Car terminus to complete this walk. 

Other attractions in this area of Nanan include

  • Ci Yun Temple on Nanbin Road between the Cable car and the French Barracks.
  • The entertainment area known as Yang Ren Jie ˽ or Foreigner Street.  Beware of pickpockets on crowded buses to and from Yang Ren Jie.


Mountain Botanical Gardens
and the Golden Eagle Lookout

Nanshan Gongyuan ɽ԰    Da Jin Ying ӥ 

Originally a collection of smaller specialized gardens that have only recently been combined, upgraded and classified as a Botanical Gardens.  Situated on the ridge of Nanshan these gardens are a delight to explore in spring when skies are clear and buds are blooming and summer when the temperatures in the mountains are a little cooler.

Over looking the gardens is the unusual Golden Eagle monument.  This concrete and steel structure is overlaid with gold leaf which on close inspection looks a little tired these days.  But the view form the top of the Eagle on a clear day is nothing short of spectacular with views of the city and the Yangtze River meandering away in lazy loops to the east. 

Make a combined visit to the gardens and the Golden Eagle.  Entrance to the Golden Eagle is on the road up to the Gardens and is worth the steep climb for the 360 views.  Take the broad staircase down to the back exit of the park, across from this exit youll find the back gate of the Botanical Gardens. 

This secluded section is beautifully landscaped with lakes, lawns and hides several renovated villas constructed during the years that Chonqging was the war-time capital of China.  These heavily forested hills afforded the leaders of the day a measure of security during relentless bombing raids on the city. Theres a tennis court, a teahouse and several small guesthouses dotted around the grounds. 

Wander through the Camellia gardens with its myriad of colourful blooms and discover the magnificent native orchids eulogized by Confucius as the fragrance of Kings.  Nearing the bottom of the park (do not leave by the exit) head towards the left where a bridge crosses the road into the Bonzai garden.  Veer to the left again, across another bridge into the main gardens where magnolia and cherry blossoms paint the prettiest spring time picture in Chongqing.

The small boutique Cherry Blossom Hotel offers a delightfully quiet and charming setting in the centre of the gardens.  Theres a variety of restaurants to choose from outside the park or take a picnic lunch and enjoy the outdoors. 

Getting there:  Bus 384 terminus is just outside the park entrance. 

Nanshan Gongyuanɽ԰ to Jiaochangkou ϳ near Jiefangbei  

This bus also passes the entrance to the Golden Eagle.

Taxi or motorbike from the Cable Car Terminal

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