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How to Eat Healthy in CQ?!  
I've lived in CQ for quite some time now and I can say that I'm more than used to the food here.

But on a recent trip to Canada, I gained an astonishing 3kg within 7 days. I didn't think that was even physiologically possible! This experience really brought to light that I'm unhappy about my state of fitness, even disregarding the extra 3kg I'd gained. So while there, I picked up a copy of the infomerically ubiquitous P90X exercise program. Part and parcel to the program is a nutrition plan that essentially consists of 5 meals per day, each meal composed of lean protein, a complex carbohydrate (such as brown rice) and a usually serving of veggies.

With some discipline, this program was quite easy to follow while in Canada, thus exposing the paradox of fat Americans and Canadians: that we easily slip into dietary and lifestyle habits that make us overweight and slovenly, yet we can also easily access the kinds of food and exercise equipment that can keep us remarkably healthy.

Having made this shift, I was and am determined to maintain my progress because I'm really beginning to look and feel better.

Now I'm back in CQ and it's easy enough to find a gym membership here, but that's merely half the battle. Here's my problem. I'm beyond sick and tired of the quality of the food here, especially because it sure as hell does not contribute to my health and fitness goals. I'm sick of fatty, gristly meat swimming in oil of questionable origin, heaping spoons-full of MSG in everything put in front of you and wondering whether the food I'm about to bite into may have road debris in it (this actually happened to me once!).

And believe me that I've really tried to find workable solutions to eating right here. But I refuse to pay 15 or 20Ԫ or more for one lousy can of water-packed tuna. I will not buy fresh chicken breasts literally peppered with dirt as I witnessed at three separate markets the other day; and the markets where the chicken appears clean is similarly priced to high-end beef. I cannot understand why brown rice, which requires less processing than white rice, can cost triple or more! And I do not have the desire to traipse across town on some kind of daily hajj to Subway at HongYaDong.

In short, I'd like to know if any health conscious foreigners here have found practical solutions to staying healthy here in CQ.
By Galaga (Male. Heard and McDonald Islands)
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Date: 03 Aug 10    Views: 3001    Comments:           

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