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Nan Bin Lu ϱ·  South Bank Esplanade in Nan An district is a prestigious and popular food strip beside of Yangtze River filled with restaurants big and small, cafes and teahouses. It's also ideal destination for enjoying Chongqing's night lights.

This 18 kilometer long riverside park and boardwalk stretches from the of Changjiang Bridge in the west to the Old French Naval Garrison in the east.  Nan Bin Road is emerging as one of Chongqing's most popular landmarks . Boasting spectacular scenery, splendid works of art, like relief and inscribed Chinese characters it also offers tantalizing food.

The area attracts multitudes of hungry diners and sightseers every day. The impressively landscaped boardwalk assures you fresh air and a welcoming environment with a dash of the arts, culture and historical insights into Chongqing's Treaty Port years.

Four of the twelve heritage sites from Qing dynasty can be found here beside other cultural sites like Ciyun Temple and Dafu Temple which all tell a part of tremendous culture of Bayu.
There are plenty of gourmet restaurants offering typical Chongqing food. In the cool of  summer nights,  locals dine in the open air along the river.

A night cruise on the Yangtze should help temper the flames ignited by the hot spicy food and give you a glimpse of the city's nocturnal character, as a multitude of colored lights blaze in the misty haze, reflecting the magnificent skyline in the water. 
Popular restaurants include Taoranju, Favourable Wind 123 (Shunfeng123), Qinma Hotpot, Qiwazi, Waipoqiao and A'yi Abalone tempting visitors' appetite.
As a famous food street and wonderful night sightseeing spot, Nan Bin Road is definitely worthy of a stroll.

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