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Two pairs of Cable Car used to cross each of the Rivers that carve up the city and was  an excellent way to get a birds eye view from either of them. 

IC cards can now be used.

Yangtze River Cable Car - Y5 each way
(* Tip: some maps are unclear as to the street entrance of station)
This is located on Xinhua Lu just up the street from the Xiaoshenzi Сʲ Metro Station. It croses to Long Men Lu · in Nan An just above Nanbin Lu. Its a short walk up the hill to Shangxinjie ½ where buses leave for Nanshan Gong Yuan. 

Jialing River Cable Car 
Sadly this Cable Car was removed in 2011 to make way for construction of the new Qiansimen ǧsibridge.
(New bridge will eventually replace this icon of almost 30 years)
This was located on Cang bai Lu across from Hongyadong and crossed the river to Jiangbei Cheng where the new Opera House, Science & Technology Museum and two local churches are just part of this redeveloped entertainment and business area.

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