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Deyi World () is located in Jiaochangkou, about 100 meters away from Jiefangbei. It is founded by a Taiwan businessman and regarded as the first building cluster of Taiwan style in Chongqing. With a total coverage of 20000 square meters, this large mall offers broad service items as recreation, restaurant, house decoration and kitchenware. Besides there is a 28-story office building, more than 280 indoor parking lots as well as such auxiliary facilities as banks and a broad cultural square etc. all those facilities attribute Deyi World a convenient place for entertainment, shopping and work.

As one of the most important branch of Deyi World, Deyi entertainment center (Deyi World) is the largest recreation venue in Chongqing. The advantageous location, adjacent to bustling CBD in Jiefangbei, promotes its development from a place simply scattered several bars and KTV centers to a fledging entertainment center. Currently Deyi boasts more than 30 entertainment venues and attracts numbers of clientele every day ranging from celebrities to fashion followers. What's more amazing, with the government's new plan of building CED in Yuzhong District, Deyi entertainment center is moving into a relaxing hub of the whole city. The center presently gathers avant-garde beauty salons, the top foot spas, renowned tea house and restaurants specializing in local tasty snacks and the glamour cuisine of other part of the world.

The comprehensive and large scale recreation facilities together with branded service underpin its attraction and leadership. When the glittering neon light illuminates the city, the place provides trendy cash-rich locals and ex-pats a welcoming environment to relax themselves and a wealth of opportunities to explore the city and appreciate the exotic cultures. Till now the keynotes of the Deyi entertainment center remains to be clubs and cabarets, where serious fun can be easily found. Several bars and clubs are hailed in particular. Popular with ex-pats and overseas students, Cotton Club, a gorgeous disco bar offers enchanting music and excellent drink list and even gets the sentence that tonight we go to Cotton Club. Marvelous Celtic Man Irish Pub creates a European atmosphere and amuses the audience with live bands, pool table, darts and a fabulous variety of music excluded loud disco music. True Love Club is featured by Chinese live music (mostly), and matchmaking games arranged by friendly staff etc. Other bars can also provide you a warm environment and chances to converse with one of the many stunning local girls that frequent the establishment.

Besides those bars and clubs, Deyi entertainment center has several luxurious clubhouses with the facilities similar to those in the five-star hotels, and thus ideal places for recreation as well as business negotiations.

Two other branches of Deyi World, House Decoration City and Kitchenware Center, are also leaders in their separate lines. The decorative products are of large variety, high quality but low price. The house decoration city promises that if there is any problem with the products, the sellers will promptly compensate the customer instead of waiting for the remedy of producers. Deyi kitchenware also devotes to offer the customers refreshing and unique kitchens decoration by excellent service and creative design.

Most popular
  • Cotton Club
  • Soho Bar
  • True Love Club
  • Falling Club
pecial recommendations
Cotton Club
Only a short stroll from Deyi World, Cotton Club is one of the most famous nightlife destinations for Chongqing expatriates. Oftentimes, you will be surprised to see how many foreigners are enjoying themselves in this amazing little pub.

Combined with the culture from western bars, there is a unique air in Cotton. It is the most significant style of Cotton. In order to motivate his employees, the owner usually awards the excellent ones. This leads Cotton's service to be one of the best in Chongqing. Cotton Bar is well decorated, so that it is usually considered as the scene of some famous TV programs of CQTV.

What attracts you may also be the music of their band which has won a competition 2006 in Chongqing. On the radio extended version, etc. - all songs from this band give every comer great impression.
Business hours: 9pm to 4am
Location:  LG Floor, Meili, Jiao Chang Kou, Yuzhong District (a short stroll from Deyi World)
Club phone: 023-63830036
Office phone: 023-63810028

Date: 27 Nov 08    Views: 1142    Comments: 0          

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