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21 Aug 2022
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Yangtze River International Youth Hostel, Chiaotianmen
Welcome to Chongqing and our hostel. It is located at the banks of the Yangtze River, ten minutes walk away from Jiefangbei. Good location helps you save time and offers more convenience. As guests you can save money on just about everything from accommodation, boat ticket, drinking, eating, even sights and activities. Staff are important and you will find them helpful and friendly, like a family. You can learn a lot about Chinese culture, Chongqing local culture (such as hotpot). Before taking the cruise,you are welcomed to come in, relax, drink coffee then go on with other travellers. You can easily meet travelers in our atmospheric lobby, watch a movie for free in DVD room, use internet for free (Wifi available ), borrow books for free from our library and enjoy organized cultural activities on festival such like the popular 'Dragon Boat Rice-Dumpling Night' for free!- all our guests making rice-dumpling for our dinner together and take a sip of traditional alcohol! Ours is a big family where you can meet friends so you will not feel lonely in Chongqing.
 Tel: 023-63104208, 023-63104270   Email:
 Address: No.80,Changbin rd, Yuzhong district, Chongqing.(·80)
Yangtze River Youth Hostel is located at the bank of the Yangtze River, ten minutes walk by the Yangtze River from Chaotianmen Port.
The business center of Chongqing, Liberation Monument(Jifngbi),and HongYaDong (a recreated group of traditional style houses) is ten minutes walk away from us.

Our hostel is a typical Chinese-style architecture with sloping roof, a courtyard and a corridor, it has 28 rooms and a LOFT bar (we think solo travellers need some friends) designed by Chinese style. Most of the rooms are facing the Yangtze River, equipped with cable TV and wireless. The dormitories are also designed with different themes, with reading lamps and lockers for convenience.

As a hostel for backpackers, the staff here need to be like a backpacker, need to be helpful, friendly, English-speaking, and need to be familiar with Chongqing and places around Chongqing and surely they are. They can even give you some tour routes that most people are not familiar with, but really worthy of exploration, such as:
Ancient towns along Yangtze River.
The beautiful valley of the Wujiang River;
The landscape of the South West and cave in Wulong
Dazu Hiking and Exploration

As a hostel, we provide all for convenience and entertainment as much as possible:
* FREE Pickup service from train and bus stations
* FREE 24-Hour Hot water
* FREE Air-condition
* FREE A large library of books and magazines
* FREE DVDs Room
* FREE Wifi and Internet
* FREE Travel Information
* FREE Billiard, YOGA Room
* FREE Games: Chinese chess, Poker, Halma, GobangMajiang
* FREE Luggage Storage

Other services we provide:
* Book train, flight and bus tickets
* Pickup service from train stations and airport by car
* Laundry
* Long distance call
* Book swap

Hello! You are looking a place for a drink? Or, just wish stay here. We have a nice bar, with tasty beer and wine. I think its the easiest way to relax with a drink and listenning the best music. Outside the bar, the balcony is right there for you to enjoy the night views of Chongqing.
Wanna know whats the latest movie in China and in other countries? Come and stay in our DVD Room, there are lots of good movies for you to choose.
We have a kitchen and the chef cooks tasty Chongqing dishes. If you are not used to the taste of Chinese food, dont worry, we also provide Western food. How about sandwich with fries as the snack? By the way, we are learning to make PIZZA.
If you know how to cook, you are so kind to teach us, we would be very grateful and its a good return to other travelers. Of course, we suggest you try the flavor of the local Chinese food, you know the Chinese saying - will do as the Romans do, it will be a better travel experience.

The hostel is very conveniently located, so you can reach downtown on foot.

Address in chinese: ·80
Adress: No.80,Changbin rd,Yuzhong district,Chongqing.
FROM THE AIRPORT: take the airport shuttle Shangqingsi, the last stop£. Then take a taxi to Haikeyingzhou (), and walk for 200 meters, keeping the Yantzte river at your left, passing the new Paradise Club.The taxi takes 30 minutes and costs about RMB70.
FROM NORTH TRAIN STATION: take 704 or 141 bus to Chaotianmen bus station. It's better to take taxi,15 minutes,RMB18
FROM CHONGQING TRAIN STATION: take 503,120,608 bus to Chaotianmen bus station.The taxi takes 10 minutes and costs RMB10
FROM CHAOTIANMEN BUS STATION: walk for 10 minutes along the YangtzeRiver to No .80, keeping the Yantzte river at your left.

If you need pick up, please email us in advance.

By EileenHu (Female. China)View all her listings 

Date: 12 Dec 08   Views: 442   Reviews: 3          

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