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East Garden Hotel 춫ԷƵ
More detail to be added when known.
 Tel: 86-23-63892666  
 Address: 55 Xuetianwan Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing 400015 ѧ 55
 This hotel is about a 5 minute walk to the 3 Gorges Museum, Peoples Square and Peoples Hall.  There is a KFC in the vicinity.

I have stayed at this hotel.  It attracts a number of foreign tour groups so you can expect a more english style breakfast than some hotels.

There is also a Supermarket just up the road from the Hotel walking to the right on exiting.  

Zengjiayen train stations is about a 5 minute walk.  You follow Xuetianwan Street to the right after departing hotel, walk to the end go left and soon you arrive near the peoples square.  On the left hand side is the 3 Gorges Museum.  At the right hand side (facing the museum you follow a path that leads you to a tunnel which takes you to the train station.

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