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HAWA CAFE BAR @ above of SOHO Club.
HAWA CAFE BAR is a cosy cafe with rustic wooden furnishing and eclectic decorations from around the world.To put it simply, its a chill hangout. Great western food from pizza and pasta to burgers, American-style breakfasts and fresh squeezed juices.The prices are incredibly affordable and make it an ideal spot for students and expats of all kinds(HAWA even lets you write on the walls!).Its also an equally affordable and relaxed bar with great prices on shisha,lively festivities,and fantastic drink deals every night.
 Tel: 13916551098  
 Address: 2F, above SOHO Club, Jiu Jie Sleepless Street, East Yang He Rd,Guan Yinqiao, Jiang Bei district.

WESTERN FOODS: 20-25 kuai for American and English breakfast ; 22 kuai or so for sandwiches and burgers attaching French fries; 15 kuai for western soup; 28 kuai or so for 8 kinds of salads such as Caesar salads, greek salad,tuna&vegetable salad and tomato&mozzarella salad. around 28 kuai for 10 kinds of pasta; from 42 to 45 kuai for all 12-inch pizza; 18 kuai for desserts; from 20 to 30 kuai for snacks; 40 kuai for shisha/hookah

DRINKS10 kuai  for every cup of tea;  20 kuai for every cup of fresh coffee, iced coffee; 15 kuai or so for every glass of cold drinks, fruit juice, ice creams, milk shakes, chocolates; Only 12 kuai for 600ml beers, 20 kuai for 330ml beers such as budweiser, tiger, Heineken, Bacardi breezer, corona, Carlsberg, and 28 kuai for ginness, 30 kuai for paulaner, franziskaner, kaiserdom, etc; and 35 kuai for vedett and duvel;38 kuai for bodding tons and erdinger.French red wine,200 yuan each bottle; 19 kuai for every glass of foreign wine such as vodka, whisky, rum, tequila;20-35 kuai for every glass of 37 kinds of cocktails.

By Harrison (Male. China)View all his listings 

Date: 22 Sep 14   Views: 433   Reviews: 1          

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