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Mid-Western American Taste
Westerner run And Western Business model, a firm belief in the American business models of "Honesty in Business" and "Truth in Advertising". it's about Healthy American/Western foods and American/Western culture education. Experience American/Western culture in Chongqing!
 Address: 46 Daxuecheng zhong lu, FuliCheng Community A, Bldg 39 #1-20 (Zhide Lu)

This is about common American/Western Home-cooked healthy types of meals. and experience the culture of 90% of (non-coastal) Americans as well as foods from all over the world outside of China. In Truth American Foods are really foods from all over the world, a Melting-Pot of cultures and foods.

MWAT restaurant. All staff of the restaurant must be fluent in Chinese and intermediate lever in English, or Fluent in English and Intermediate level of Chinese.  Staff will be trained in American dining customs, and be able to educate customers of these customs and use of the flatware. in the American custom regular American coffee will be free refill,and free refills on fountain drinks (carbonated drinks, not from a can) and brewed lemon iced tea. Single plate meals will be between 18-40rmb (steaks may be more expensive), Buffet style all you can eat will run between 45-65rmb per person, for both types of meals specialty drinks and alcohol are not included, but will be able to be purchased for an additional cost. There will also be education of the "Tipping" culture of the West, and the service focus of western restaurants. Also including the general "We Care about our customers and their satisfaction, We really do want you to come back and feel at home when you visit us."

MWAT's design will attempt to give the customer a feeling that they are Eating a family dinner in someone's home somewhere in the average West, sitting in a comfortable environment. It should feel like home a place for you to relax, take your time , enjoy your meal and good conversation.

 Stage 1 Complete, still many thing to do to reach the above goals, But open for business with a limited Menu. 


By LifeDragon (Male. United States (USA))View all his listings 

Date: 12 Jan 14   Views: 211   Reviews: 2          

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