From United States (USA)
Member since 20 Aug 18
Full nameRick Sorrels
Chinese zodiac
Western zodiac
Last login 28 Sep 18
Visits 52
Height 173 cm
Smoke No
Drink No
Marital status Divorced
Have children Yes
Languages English
Occupation Retired
Personality Friendly down to earth
I am retired, single and have a couple of friends who live in Chongqing and would like to retire there. Right now I am taking care of my 89 year-old mother here in the states.

I think it is a great idea to have a place where people can get together to make friends and help each other out when needed.

I have been to Beijing and Handan. Trying to learn the language now.
Single and looking: Yes
Currently in CQ: No
My interests: Computers, gardening, music, movies which I also collect, traveling and photography
My impression on CQ: Have not been there but have done a lot of research. Has many interesting places to go.
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