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2020 Smart China Expo  
24 Aug2020
China and Singapore will co-sponsor the 2020 Smart China Expo (SCE) to be held in late August of 2020 in Chongqing International Expo Center. This  is the top convention on smart City in Asia. 

Singapore becomes the co-sponsor from previous guest host country as this is the fifth anniversary of the implementation of China Singapore Chongqing Strategic Connectivity  Inititive (CCI) project. Singapore and Chongqing have been partnered as the two co-centers of the Land-Sea Corridor and in information connectivity.

Singapore has been implementing smart country for several years and Chongqing has been working on the smart city.

Singapore proposed the "smart country 2025" plan in 2014, and is the blueprint of the world's first smart country.

Singapore has implemented smart country in city management and daily life, while Chongqing has been catching up in city management and smart life for people.

On WuJie Road in Singapore, thousands of birds are attracted to nest on the street trees with intelligent simulators on the treetops to send out "bird calls" and attract birds to come to settle down.

Singaporeans spend 50% less time waiting for online take-out delivery than in Chongqing.
Most of Chongqing's takeout orders are manually allocated, while Singapore's takeout orders are allocated according to big data algorithms to assign the best routes for the delivery riders.

This reduced  delivery time  at least 30 minutes, tripled the manpower efficiency, and enabled its 3000+ riders to deliver an average of at least three orders per hour.

Singapore's "let wisdom change the city and create a better life" is consistent with the theme of "intelligence: empowering the economy and enriching life" of the Smart China Expo. Singapore has worked with Chongqing on airport, logistics, big data information, and connectivity etc.

Singapore airport is the smartest airport and has been partnered with Chongqing airport. For example, the canopy of Changi Airport can automatically adjust the natural light.

Smart is productivity. The Ye Shuifu group, a logistics enterprise in Singapore, set up the warehousing management process of intelligent logistics. The three warehouses connected give people different "climate" feelings of summer, autumn and winter even the city has one season.

The three warehouses automatically adjust the temperature according to different types of goods. The "summer" warehouse is used to store general goods, the "autumn" warehouse is used to store electronic products, and the "winter" warehouse is used to store food.

The drone counts the inventory, and takes 12- minutes to check a line of shelves by scanning the code of goods with UAV, while it takes about 12 hours to check manually.

The " smart country " is one of the eight research clusters that the NCU focuses on in Singapore, while Chongqing has great potential in big data intelligence. The universities in Singapore and Chongqing have cooperated in training doctoral students and postdoctoral students. Singapore is advanced with big data technology while lack of enough data. Chongqing provides technology and vast variety of data in finance and health etc with its diversified population, the center of West China, and its strategic location as the international innovation center.
The information above in Singapore have been improved this year and Chongqing has a potential to work up.
The 2018 Smart China Expo was attended by Wu Zuodong, the honorary state minister and former Prime Minister of Singapore, with the largest delegation to China of about 200 enterprise representatives from 40 Singapore technology enterprises.

In The 2019 SCE, Singapore is the guest of honor, with exhibition area to demonstrate the latest development of Singapore's digital economy and service 4.0, as well as the latest progress of CCI projects and new land and sea coriander.

By the end of February in 2020 under CCI, China and Singapore have signed 55 cooperation agreements, 204 cooperation projects and a total amount of more than 30 billion US dollars.
By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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