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26 Jan 2020
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China Ethnic Product Fair & China Enterprise Summit  
26 Dec2019
The 10th China Ethnic Product Fair & China Enterprise Summit   will be held on Nanbin Lu at  Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 26th to 29th.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Western Development Office of the State Council, China Council for the promotion of international trade, China Marketing Society, etc, it is the first exhibition named after "Ethnic" in China.

There are five indoor exhibition areas and five outdoor exhibition areas.

The five indoor product exhibition areas are: The area of ethnic minorities, the "one belt and one road" exhibition area, the rural area exhibition, the non-heritage exhibition area, and the exhibition area of Chinese Medicine.

The outdoor exhibition areas include Art exhibition of ethnic customs, New Year collections and gifts, National Food Carnival, exhibition area of of "wonderful stone feast", Chinese brand automobile exhibition.

China Enterprise Market Summit includes several forums. They are "one belt and one road" international market development forum, China manufacturing market forum, China Pharmaceutical Market Forum, "market + Internet" forum, poverty alleviation market forum, and new product launches of enterprises.

Chongqing is a multi-ethnic diversified city with uniquely preserved culture and landscape. There are Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Xiushan Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County, as well as numerous ethnic townships, with a population of nearly 2 million ethnic minorities.
By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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