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13th China Art Exhibition  
30 Oct2019
The highest level art exhibition in China, "13th China Art Exhibition", will land in Chongqing on September 22nd and 25th until October 30th. 

This is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Chinese Federation and the Chinese Association of Arts.

The opening ceremony of oil paintings show will be held in Chongqing University Town in Shapingba, at the Art Museum of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, on September 22nd.

On September 25th, the opening ceremony of sculptures show will be held at Chongqing Contemporary Art Museum in the Huanghuangping Campus of the Art Institute.

This is the first time that the China Art Exhibition has come to Chongqing, and western China.
The National Art Exhibition is the most authoritative and comprehensive exhibition in China. It is held every five years. The "Chinese Art Award" is the highest national award in the Chinese art circle. Its Creation Award will be selected in the national art exhibition.

Chongqing oil painting and sculptures have always been at the forefront of Chinese art, and has been recognized as important contribution to the history of Chinese art .

Two shows of the China Art Exhibition are in Chongqing this year. The China Art Exhibition includes. 13 shows,  including Chinese painting exhibition, oil painting exhibition, Printmaking Exhibition, sculpture exhibition, mural exhibition, watercolor and Pastel Painting Exhibition, lacquer painting exhibition, comprehensive painting type and animation exhibition (New Year picture, cartoon, comic strip, illustration, book binding, animation), comprehensive material painting exhibitio, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan overseas Chinese exhibition. District, ceramics exhibition, art design exhibition area, experimental art exhibition.


By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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