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8th Chongqing Cultural Industry Expo  
12 Sep2019
Creating  international cultural exchange and the largest in its history, the 8th Chongqing Cultural Industry Expo will be attended by delegations from Belgium, Kenya, Korea, Belarus, Czech Republic, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Poland, India, Russia, Japan, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana etc.

The expo will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center from September 12th to 15th.

The representatives from 8 consulates in Chongqing have also discussed their exhibitions with the Organizing Committee of the fair. The consulates are from Britain, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Japan, Hungary, Italy etc.

Li Wenrui from the Consulate General of Japan in Chongqing, introduced that, in previous years Japan mainly focused on interactive activities at Chongqing cultural expo. For example, the live Japanese Taigu performance was very popular. This year, following this tradition, hopefully more performances with Japanese characteristics, such as sumo, will be displayed.

The Ethiopia's Consulate General in Chongqing will invite the country's actors to perform traditional songs and dances in this expo and promote Ethiopian culture and art to Chongqing.

The expo includes 5 theme pavilions, including the exhibition hall of culture and scenery , the "International Cultural Museum along the BNR", the cultural and art exchange hall, the overseas Chinese international cultural exchange hall, and the digital publishing culture museum.

The exhibition area is over 60 thousand square meters to display the full range of cultural industry, including cultural products, overseas Chinese culture, film and television animation, literary creation market, frontier designs, cultural and tourism integration, intangible cultural heritage, arts and crafts, quality culture education, traditional Chinese culture and art, film and television photography, automobile culture, international cuisine and other fields of cultural industry.

The top museums , including the Beijing Palace Museum, will participate the expo.

The expo will focus on the fusion of Chinese traditional culture and international multiculturalism. During the exhibition, elites from domestic and foreign cultural industries will attend the cultural investment promotion, project signing and Summit Forum etc.

In addition, the expo cover 38 districts and counties in Chongqing to present the cultural characteristics of different regions in Chongqing, more provinces and municipalities to participate in the exhibition in its history, more non-legacy and creative enterprises of contemporary and traditional  national brands ,  20 top cultural equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, and  30 Taiwan literary and creative enterprises.

All exhibitors will sell displayed products in discounts. There will be multiple support such as cultural industry funds to launch a discount on cultural products. The Beijing Palace Museum will introduce its products in the expo.

Chongqing Cultural Expo has been held for seven consecutive years. For example, the last Cultural Expo covered 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, 18 countries and regions, attracted more than 1000 businessmen from 180 industries. The transactions in the expo reached 125 million yuan, and the total signed projects reached 30.8 billion yuan.

The Chongqing International Expo Center is located at stop Guobo Zhongxin on subway line 6.
By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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Date: 16 Jul 19    Views: 81    Comments:           

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