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Smart China Expo 2019  
26 Aug2019
The Smart China Expo, to be opened on August 26th to 29th in Chongqing International expo center. is co-sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Association of Science and Technology

Four major activities of the expo include the "meeting", "exhibition", "competition" and "theory".

The summit meeting will invite foreign politicians, well-known entrepreneurs and experts and scholars in China and abroad. There are summit speeches, innovative wisdom and the discussions of intelligent development.

The exhibition will focus on new products, new technologies, new formats and new modes of the global big data intelligent industry. It is estimated that the indoor exhibition area will exceed 150,000 square meters.

In Competition section: All finals and performances will be held to build a high-level platform to introduce project and talent.

Google, Intel, Mitsubishi Electric, SK Hailishi, Qualcomm, Italian-French Semiconductor, Huawei, Lenovo, Alibaba, Aerospace Science and Technology, Haier, Ziguang, Tidal, Metro, Millet and other top 500 companies in the world and China have confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

Nobel Prize winner Kostia Novosholov, Father of Modern Cryptography, Turing Prize winner Whitfield Diffey, Intel Senior Vice President Daniel McNamara, and Alibaba Board Chairman Ma Yun, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun, founder and CEO Wang Xing have confirmed their participation in the meeting.

The expo will focus on the scientific and technological achievements and development trends of the intelligent industry, the industry standards issued by the ministries and think tanks, index reports and white papers in the fields of 5G, information security, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, etc.

Singapore, Italy and Britain will be the guest of honour at the Smart Chilna Expo 2019.

"The close relationship between the Chinese and British governments, economy and humanities has forged a very constructive partnership of cooperation between the two countries." British Consul General Abessy in Chongqing said that in the past year, economic and trade cooperation between Britain and southwestern China has been deepening and achieved remarkable results. Britain's exports to southwestern China tripled year-on-year.
In addition, the non-governmental exchanges between the two countries are deepening. In 2018, the number of visas issued by the UK to Chinese citizens accounted for 25% of the total number of visas issued by the UK worldwide. Visa applications from southwestern China exceeded 50,000, an increase of 17% over the same period last year. Among them, nearly 15,000 people applied in Chongqing.
By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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