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24 Aug 2020
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Chongqing Sunac Tourism City  
30 Apr2020

The Chongqing unit of the property developer Sunac China Holdings has announced that the first phase of Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City, located in Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park in the city of Chongqing, will open on April 30th, 2020, according to

The vast Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City site covers an area of approximately 227,000 square meters.

The cultural tourism park has integrated a number of features from Sunac Paradise, Sunac Mall and Sunac Star Hotel Group, including the Snow World, Sea World, show platform, flying theatre, conference centre, and other elements.

Plans are also in motion to create around 1,900 outdoor parking spaces at the venue.

One key highlight of Chongqing Sunac Park is its pioneering rollercoaster known as the Double-Helical Roller Coaster. The attraction is around 70 meters high and can reach speeds of 33m/s.

Another focal landmark of the cultural tourism park is the The Ferris Wheel located in Science City. The Ferris Wheel is approximately 100 meters in diameter and 30 storeys high.

The park will also play host to a show designed by world-renowned art creation master Frank Dragone. This large-scale stage show focuses on Chongqings local culture and combines sound and light technology, alongside dance and martial art of several different nations.

The aim of the stage show is to highlight the cultural features and natural landscapes of Chongqing to tourists.

This tourism city includes indoor amusement and outdoor parks.

The first large-scale indoor water park in Chongqing with 40,000 square meters adopts constant temperature design. It has double-deck drifting river, dazzling slideway, water 4D cinema and other recreational items, so that tourists can enjoy water amusement all the year round. The marine park includes five exhibition areas: tropical rainforest area, tropical ocean area, cold water ocean area, ocean exploration area and animal performance area. It will show dolphins and sea lions as well as drifting in secret areas. sea horse-turning, jellyfish sightseeing car and other amusements. There is a year round snow skiing area.

The other amusement activities include the U-type roller coaster, customized by the top supplier Intamin Switzerland, with 70 meters high and equipped with an aircraft carrier ejection system. Its gravitational acceleration can reach 7G.

In addition, in order to better integrate into the local cultural of Chongqing, there are four regions with elements of Chongqing.

In the mountain area of Jiangzhou Park, a small garden train is added to show the Chongqing's mountains, rivers,and the legendary area of the gorges which are equipped with couples'flying cars, rapids, Canyon drifting, mining cars and other recreational equipment to reproduce the thrilling excitement; the spicy zone is Chongqing hot pot as the exclusive playground for children. It includes more than 10 kinds of amusement items, such as flying cinema, bumping car, surfing skateboard and flying at high altitude. Historic buildings in Bayu culture will also be partially re-engraved into the ancient Bayu.

By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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