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26 Jan 2020
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Colorful Guizhou Cycling League  
23 Mar2019
Colorful Guizhou cycling League
Race Name: 2019 "Colorful Guizhou" cycling league
Activity dated on 23-24th March. Deadline: 05th Feb.
Only 15 Seats for Foreigners.
Venue: Fuquan City, Guizhou. Ȫг (ųǹ·), .
Totally FREE! Transportation (Fast train), Insurance, hotel, food, bicycles, helmets, shirts, gloves; and much more than this.
Note: We'll leave for Guizhou on 22nd March. by afternoon and back to Chongqing on 24th.
Two categories to participate:Road Race: 80 km, or Mountain Race: 25 km

Prize money for winners UpTo 80 rank.
Fuquan Competition 10th Anniversary Honor Riding Experience Event: ( As it's 10th Anniversary of Fuquan Competition, athletes can get extra shirts, medal, and some tickets ).
[The 10th anniversary of the cultural shirt worth 128 yuan, 10th-anniversary medals, sports drinks, and lottery, etc.).
During the event, athletes can enter the Shuangjin Valley Scenic Area, Fuquan Ancient City Cultural Tourism Scenic Area, Luohe River (excluding rafting expenses) scenic spot, and Fuyun Mountain WaterPoetry Painting Riverside leisure holiday scenic spot for free.]
Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau, Guizhou Automobile Motorcycle Bicycle Sports Association, Qiannan Sports Bureau, Fuquan Municipal People's Government, Fuquan City Bicycle Sports Association, Colorful Guizhou cultural industry Group, and Guizhou Province mountain Outdoor Sports Management Center.
Athletes with good cycling experience can register.
For more details and to register for competition, scan the QR code.

By aB (Male. Pakistan)
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Date: 26 Feb 19    Views: 37    Comments:           

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