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Chongqing Int'l Mobile Exhibition  
17 Nov2018
The world top exhibition and the largest platform of international exchange for mobile phone industry, The Chongqing International Mobile Exhibition will be held in Chongqing International Expo Center off Nanbin Lu from November 15th to November 17th.

This mobile phone industry fest covers the largest scale of the industry chain including optical communication, laser, infrared, precision optics, photoelectric innovation, and the integration of military and civilian.

This is a platform to present an open, cooperative and innovative mobile industry in China. The participants include over 500 exhibitors, 500 media firms, 500 mobile phone brands and supply chain exhibitors, over 30K professional viewers, and over 100K visitors.

With its brand appeal and industry resources, as well as a variety of online and offline market activities, the "Chongqing International Mobile Exhibition" has become the largest and most influential mobile industry event in China. It is the largest platform for the international exchange and cooperation of the international mobile phone enterprises. It is the best platform to display the top brands, supply chain and mobile products.

The top mobile companies will present in this expo, including HUAWEI, millet, vivo, OPPO, Nubian etc. The expo space covers the largest mobile exchange space, including the 5G network, online experience area, intelligent manufacturing / factory area, intelligent life / Intelligence, professional exhibition area,

The invited guests also include the leading companies of the world mobile phone manufacturing industry, experts and scholars, heads of international trade organizations etc. The domestic companies are Ϲ⼯šǹ硢άŵѴ硢㶥˼̩硢ӹ硢Ǭչ硢ϻѧ¡ڿƼTokkiASMPacificTechnologyǿơͨ켤⡢弤⡢񡢼Զ±Ƽװ־.

The international exhibition area coves the European, American, Japan Pavilion, South Korea, India, and district areas including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The expo includes the latest industry development, such as display, webcam, business and trade procurement matching, unmanned factory, new display industry, display technology summit, flexible display, new touch, 3D surface glass and full screen, vehicle display, new liquid crystal / touch material, industrial automation and robot, biometric & camera, AI, multi camera, lifting camera, 3D face (structure light /TOF), screen fingerprint, phonetic / semantic, iris, VCSEL/LE D, DOE, WLO, infrared CMOS, narrowband filter, lens, motor, equipment, material, module, camera chip, packaging / storage, and others.

During the exhibition, other events will be held, including 2018 International Mobile Phone Industry Summit, 2018 AI Cloud Ecological 5G Summit and Award Ceremony, and 2018 Second Artificial Intelligent Mobile Phone Industry Summit - Structural light /TOF/ Multiple / Voice Assistant / Screen fingerprint, Shenzhen Camera Industry Association Membership Conference, 2018 Micro-LED/ Flex Display Forum, 2018 Third Comprehensive Screen Summit, 2018 Smart Manufacturing Summit and other activities.



By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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Date: 27 Jul 18    Views: 146    Comments:           

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