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Career Development  

Career development is the process of human development that spans in one individual life from birth to death. More specifically it shows person works identity and improvement in it along with time. Career development is the important part of your life and last over in your entire life. Career development starts from childhood when you start getting inspiration from your parents. Parents have a very important role in the career development of any individual. They give a lot new ideas, experiences and motivation to their kids and help them in cultivating their career at the start. Parents support is very important in developing your career. Parents need to give more freedom and liberty to children while choosing their career. I have seen enough cases in our society that majority of people dont like their field they are working right now but they chose it because of their parents will.

   Your life career is important part of your life because you have to stick with it for whole life. I heard from people that career is something that gives you money but regarding my experience and knowledge your career is something that gives your happiness. If you are satisfied with what are you doing then you will enjoy it for sure your whole life. Inspiration plays an important role in ones life while choosing their career. People get inspired from their parents and teacher and want to be like that. Society also plays a very important role while choosing your life career.

  While we were discussing the Career development during Sunday CAFE, we heard different stories from our participants about their career selection and how they changed it with time due to different reasons and issues. I saw a lot of people in my life who changed their career and field of work multiple times in their life. Society, personal interests, financial problems and parents will are few reasons that force people to change their career multiple times throughout their life.

  There are few factors and barriers which effect career development. Personal characteristics and interests, capacity and work related values are something which help us to develop our career. Personal interests play important role in career development because it helps us to select the field which are more satisfying for us. Thats why while choosing your career, you need to make sure and do your self-assessment that which career is perfect for you. Due to our physical and mental abilities some people are well suited for specific careers. While choosing any specific career, you need to accompany your strengths with your limitations to make everything perfect according to your need. Family support is very important when you are going behind a hard-to-achieve goal. You have a greater chance of succeeding if you can convince them to become your cheerleaders but if that is unlikely to happen, you may have to find motivation from other people in your life. Sometimes our age and perception about something can hinder us in our career development. Due to no proper career consultation in schools and universities, we waste large part of our lives while choosing perfect career for us.
Host (Sunday CAFE)
WeChat ID: ahmad25032

By ahmad09 (Male. United Arab Emirates)
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