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27th China Chef Festival  
15 Oct2017
The landmark event for Chinese restaurant, hotel and catering industry, the 27th China Chef Festival will be held off Nanbin Lu, at the Chongqing Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center, from October 13th to 15th.

Sponsored by the National Association of Chinese Catering Industry , supported by the Ministry of Commerce, this is a key project for the Ministry of Commerce to showcase the catering economy, to exchange the best essence and tradition in Chinese diet culture, and to enjoy the delicious foods for consumers around the country.

Chongqing has a profound diet culture and tradition, and its food has been among the top four Chinese cuisines. The city has maintained high level standards and development for the industry. With this festival, Chongqing will demonstrate its unique foods and restaurants, and promote its catering industry across the country.

According to the release, the "Chongqing noodles" award will be granted in the opening ceremony. The 2017 "China Gold Chef Award" will be unveiled.

There will be multiple events, including the Chinese Creative Culinary Skills Contest, China Delicacy Summit, the Full Supply Chain Industry Expo, and Chef Skill Contest etc.

The highlights is the establishment of China Culinary Masters Hall of Fame. The list is compiled based on strict screening and examination of the the Chinese culinary masters registered.

7th Chinese Cooking Skills Competition, a biannual event, will focus on "innovation". The contest is divided into individual events, including hot dishes, cold dishes, and pastries, All preliminary entries are new ingredients, new cooking methods, new combinations, and new tastes . Over 100 young chefs around the country compete in knife skills and cooking skills, pastry, cold dish combinations, and carvings.

For the China Delicacy Summit, domestic and international young chefs hold live demonstrations to cook creative foods, to explore delicious foods, and to exchange innovative cooking experiences. Top eight cuisines in China will send their best representatives to compete their culinary styles.

The Supply Chain Expo provides a market platform for food and beverage enterprises and providers, technology exchanges, and product trading. There will be multiple themed areas for food condiment, information technology, energy saving, green drinks, central kitchen equipment, and utensils etc.

The festival is also an international event, Ministry of Education will hold The International Forum on Vocational Education for Chinese Hotels and Catering Services. About 200 delegates in the world will study the integration of catering and hotel education for the industry, the impasse and solutions of occupation education, and the international cooperation of innovation education and occupation education.

The delegates include top experts of vocational education, government officials, catering entrepreneurs, top hotel management schools in the world, education groups, and large hotel chains in the world.







By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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