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6th Chongqing Cultural Fair  
17 Sep2017
A cultural fair from Chongqing to the world, from folk art protection to cutting edge technology, the 6th Chongqing Cultural Expo will be opened from September 14th to 17th at the North exhibition hall of Chongqing International Expo Center. The consulates from United Kingdom, Japan, Hungary, Ethiopia, Italy, Poland, and Australia, and folk cultural organizations from Nepal, Turkey, and Cuba will participate the expo. About 1,000 businesses from 180 industries will join the expo.

There are 6 pavilions of various themes. N1 displays cultural and heritage protections in Chongqing. N2 is the trade hall for international cultural and creative arts, including twisted music FEEL Instrument, 3D printing, tourism, E-commerce products. N3 is an Art Gallery with Chinese arts and crafts, arts and crafts from overseas, large-scale photography and painting. N4 is an interactive museum, including toy exhibition, UAV flight products, handmade DIY products, intelligent robot technology, parent-child interactions etc.. N7 and N8 are car centers for the domestic automobile exhibition, and driving culture exhibition.

"Twisted FEEL music" exhibition covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with famous music brands and their exhibitions, on-site interviews of musicians, the music expert forum, the music band performances from Chongqing and abroad. Awards will be presented to "Chongqing 2017 top ten music education institutions" and "the 2017 Chongqing top ten music instrument distributors".

The 10th Chongqing Art and Crafts Exhibition will be held during the cultural fair, with award winning arts and crafts works from International exhibitions and masters. They include sculpture crafts category (including wood, jade, stone, carved lacquerware, ceramics), metal crafts, craft flower paintings, folk handicrafts, mahogany furniture, and root carving art.  

The folk art craft masters will be teaching apprentice from the audiences for folk art craft and heritage protection.

The Expo Center is located on subway line 6, stop Guobo Zhongxin.


By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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