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20 Jan 2019
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US Marvel Avengers Interactive Chongqing Station  
29 Dec2017
Created by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the American Brain Technology Corporation (Nero Verse), and the US Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Jet Proportion). Marvel Avengers Interactive Station will be in Chongqing from September 30th for about three month, at the Taiwan's SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI Chongqing. 

Marvel Avengers Interactive Station was toured around the world, and is recommended by the educational departments of Korea, France, Singapore and other countries as extracurricular practice bases for Science education.

The station provides intelligent navigation system for in-depth understanding of the Captain American, Iron Man and other super heroes. During edutainment, this interactive station employs the latest high-technology with educational and entertainment modules.

Marvel Avengers Tour Chongqing is presented with special scene design and scene setting to break the boundary between reality and animations. The Marvel fans can dive into the real scene as Marvel characters to reach their maximum imaginations. You can be Marvel's fans, standbys, or you can be an agent to control the world of your own!

In the Sky World of the SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI Chongqing, the Iron Man of several meters tall will be together with the Captain America driving a motorcycle falling from the sky in airborne scene. Thor will hold hammer high to defend justice. You can learn a lot in the station, such as the rainbow bridge and the Hulk emotion management.

Tiwan's SHINKONG MITSUKOSHI Chongqing is located at subway station Jiazhou Lu, exit 1/2, on line 3. It is the largest in the world for this company. Chongqing is the top city for animation industry, cosplay and comic-con. It holds the annual China West Comic-Con, one of the top comic-con in China.

Chongqing is the most filmed city in China, including for US movies, with top number of movie watchers.





Read a review of the event by our friends at HelloCQ here.

By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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Date: 23 Aug 17    Views: 399    Comments:           

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