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Chinese Artist

China Wholesale Export Product Search
Int'l New Media Art Festival Chongqing Fishing Town  
4 Dec2017
World-wide artists are called to submit their products for the 1st International New Media Art Festival held in Fishing Town of Chongqing Hechuan from November 4, 2017 to December 4th. This is announced at the press conference held by the organizing committee from Europe, UK, USA and China in Beijing 798 Art District

The submitted arts include experimental animation, performance, interactive media, installations, photography, behavioral art, etc.
The topics of the festival include the following:
1. The new ideas, technology, and languages in international new media
2, The theory and practice of new media art in China
3, The dilemma and future of the new media in the age of new technology
4, New media arts from laboratory to society
5, The integration of traditional arts with the new media concept and technology
6, The integration of new media with countryside, rust belt industrial bases and historical sites
7, New media arts for natural, environmental and ecological protection
Chongqing, once the China's industry center and rust belt of polluting industries, now has turned all polluting factories into eco-friendly and clean technology, and in the process to attract creative art businesses. The city has become the international hubs for attracting green technology, robotic, IT, industry 4.0, logistics, transportations, finance, education and medicine. The closed power plants , steel factories , chemical plants ,  nuclear weapon caves,  even WWII attillery factories are transformed into museums , galleries , art lofts , tourist attraction and creative officies.

Chongqing is  the center of avant-garde and new media arts in China and the base of top animation and film industry, and has held new media art festivals for many years, attracting international artists to those events.

Fishing Town in Chongqing (or Diaoyu Fortress) is famous for its historical great battles that have changed history in Europe, Middle Asia and China. Mongol armies were defeated for 36 years there in the latter half of the Song Dynasty. One of the most notable events was the death of Mongol leader Möngke Khan near the city, which forced the immediate withdrawal of Mongol troops from Syria and East Asia and prevented the Mongolian Empire from expanding towards Africa.  It is called by historians where the God broke his whip.

Chongqing is also the far east capital of allied countries during WWII  that survived years of bombing and still produced weapons for Chinese army. The city is called by President Roosevelt as 'a symbol of our admiration for its brave men, women and children.' and 'its fidelity to the cause of freedom will inspire the hearts of all future generations.'


The awards of the festival includes:

1, Winners (9) of the festival for 120k RMB
2, The organizing committee awards (3 for best experiment, best idea, best director) for 60k RMB
3, New director / innovation award (3) for 30k RMB
4, Chinese University competition Awards (3) for 30k RMB 
The final judges of the awards are:
- RANDALL PACKER, professor at University of Washington USA
- BIRGITTA HOSEA, director of the new media system at the Royal College of Art UK
- GERBEN SCHERMER, President of the Holland Animated Film Festival
- Liu Xuguang, Vice president and professor of Beijing Film Academy, Academy of Fine Arts
- Wang Chunchen, Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts
- Fei Jun, Professor, School of design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
- Dr Zhang Xiaotao 

The festival organized by Chongqing Hechuan District Cultural Committee, is co-organized by the following:

-Department of animation, Royal College of Art UK
-College of art and design technology of Alfred University in the United States
-Holland Animated Film Festival
-Eight new media art departments in Paris
-New media art of Korea Soongsil University
-Chengdu MOCA
-Digital media studio, School of design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts
-Beijing Film Academy, Academy of Fine Arts
-Department of image science, School of urban medicine, China Central Academy of Fine Arts
-Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts digital media professional
-School of cross media arts, The China Academy of Art
-Department of contemporary art, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
-Hubei Academy of fine arts, Academy of Fine Arts
-Experimental art department of Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts
-Department of film and television animation, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
-Department of information and art design, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts
-Department of new media arts, Sichuan Fine Art Institute of Chongqing

The festival accepts submitted products via emails, The network registration email is:

Organizing committee Tel: 0086-08-61359951
Contact: Xiaoyu had 0086-18659830056
Zhang Dan 0086-15982812074


By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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