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24 Aug 2020
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Regular Activities - Expat Club Koala Garden Coffee  
Dear members,

Let's meet at Expat Club Koala Garden Coffee, home for expats in Chongqing!

Over here we hold many fun activities regularly, such as Sunday Cafe, Chinese Corner, Wednesday Cafe, monthly Trivia Night, hobby groups, excursions to historical sites along Nanbin Road, among many others. Do come to check us out!

We also provide all-round FREE consultation services to both expats and locals here. See this thread for details.
Address: L5-7 Landmark Riverside Park, Nan'an District (ϰλ㹺﹫԰5-7԰)

* We are next to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, The Merlin SEA LIFE and the upcoming Danzishi Old Street. Also we are very close to the French Navy Barracks, Ciyun Temple, Qianfo Temple, Dafo Temple, the Foreigner's Street and many other sites of interest along Nanbin Road.
Here is our official wechat account:

* We also have a wechat group ( You may add the wechat id gary-go to join this group.

CQExpat Information Desk - Free Consultations

* Some of the Old Memories

We were the first sponsor of the Chongqing International Football Club

The Cqexpat 5th-year Anniversary held at Hongyadong

Regular Sunday Cafe held in Jiefangbei

Italian Consulate General Mark greets our German guests

A Ukrainian band performs in our outdoor garden
By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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Date: 14 Jun 17    Views: 2145    Comments:           

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