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Spring Hiking: Finding Daoism in Laojun Cave  
23 Apr2017

Spring Hiking: Finding Daoism in Laojun Cave
activity of embracing spring in Chongqing

(b) (ji)  ף(zh)  (dng) (fng)

Wine cup in hand, I drink to theeastern breeze.

(qi)  (gng)  (cng) (rng)

Let usenjoy with ease!

(chu) (yng)  (z) İ(m)  (lu)(chng)  (dng)

Onthe violet pathways, green with willows east of the capital,

(zng) (sh)  (dng) ʱ(sh)  Я(xi) (shu) (ch)

Weused to stroll hand in hand in bygone days,

(yu) (bin)  (fng) (cng)

Ramblingpast flower shrubs one and all.


We cordially invite allthe expats and partners to join us! Have fun together!

Laojun Cave is located in South Mountain, near the Huangjueya area in Nanan District. It is the biggest and most important Taoist temple in Chongqing. The name Laojun Cave can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms period of the Han dynasty (1300 years ago). For hundreds of years it attracted a large number of pilgrims at traditional festivals like QingMing and lantern Festival.

Laojun Cave is also a good place for viewing the cityscape, on a clear day, theres a beautiful panoramic view of Chongqings tall buildings and the two rivers like meandering jade belts through the city.

General Information

Time & Date: 13:30 -17:00 on 23th, April, 2017

Venues South entrance of  Laojun Cave(Ͼ) 

Price:  Free for visiting tourist sites; 

150 RMB per person, including dinner and round trip taxi fee(ɽȪˮ)

Deadline: RSVP by 21th April, 2017


Yan: Tel 023- 6366-9912/ Mobile: 133-1022-9033 / WeChat: yourmandarincs


Option 1: Show taxi Driver (qng)(di)(w)ȥ(q)(lo)(jn)(dng)(nn)(mn)л(xi)л(xi)

Option 2:  Gather at 13:00 pm in Line SixShang xin jie Station ((shng)(xn)(ji)վ )


Please wear walking shoes and comfortable clothes.

The walk activity will not be fast paced, but there are many hills and stone stairs that we will climb. 

Please carry your own bottle of water. 

If it rains, the activity will be postponed.

For the sake of your safety, people who FEAR of HEIGHTS decline to participate.



YourMandarin Chinese Language School

By MandarinCenterinCQ (Female. China)
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Date: 12 Apr 17    Views: 55    Comments:           

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