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Sino-Singapore 3rd govt project  
Chongqing is the third Sino-Singapore G-G project, announced by Chinese president Xi in Singapore on November 6th. 

The third Sino-Singapore government to government project is on strategic connectivity  and services for the Yangtze River economic belt, Sino-Europe Silk Road and Sino-Asia Silk Road including financial services, aviation, transportation  & logistics, information & communication technology (ICT).  Chongqing is selected for its strategic geo political national interest in China as a test bed for the fourth industrial revolution on technology interconnectivity, its  demonstrative role for sustainable low carbon development, openness, historical and future influences.  

Located as the only economic and logistics hub of Yangtze River economic belt, and both silk roads, the city has been the test bed for sustainable development, domestic consumption, first Sino-Europe rail, the logistics hub for Sino-Asia, the best performed financial services inland, the largest ICT base, and the largest free trade zone inland China with the only duty free ports for air, water and rails.  It is the top GDP development engine for 7th quarters with balanced GDP contributed factors from electronics, auto, as well as IC tech, LCD, Internet of things, robots, graphemes, nano technology, new energy, smart cars, shale gas, MDI integration, bio medicine,environmental protection equipment etc. 

Chongqing has combined lowest cost inland for new and existing businesses, with low housing prices, cheaper labor costs, reliable power supply and water supplies, high supply of educated workers, advanced infrastructure and public transportation, free of natural disaster including earthquakes.

Chongqing and Singapore have been working together on various strategic connectivity and services, including financial services, aviation, logistics, cloud computing, smart city for many years. Singapore is Chongqing's number one foreign investors. Singapore is the Chongqing airport's partner. Singapore is also currently constructing the largest Raffles in Chongqing Chaotianmen.

What Chongqing lacks are quality of management in interconnections, logistics, government operations, quality control in aspects of business operations, all of which can be benefited from the third Sino-Singapore government project.

The cities on the short list for the 3rd Sino-Singapore G-G project were Chengdu and Xi'An.

The Sino-Singapore G-G project is the flagship for both China and Singapore development. Each project corresponds to various stages of social. technological. economic. and geo political development in China and Singapore. The first Suzhou Industrial project from 1990's lifted Chinese manufacturing, economic and technology power, the second Tianjin Eco-park project from 2008 centered on environmental development in polluted lands. The third Chongqing project on Strategic Connectivity & Services is not on one park or one land, but will put Chongqing as the test bed and model for the  Chinese sustainable development, and the center for technological,  business, transportation, and logistics in China. The third China-Singapore G2G project will position both China and Singapore in the frontier of fourth industrial revolution.

Together with the incoming announcement of Chongqing as the first Free Trade Zone inland China, it is  expected that more international institutes will focus on this city and many will be relocated to this city.
By nyc_expat (Male. United States (USA))
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Date: 06 Nov 15    Views: 232    Comments:           

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