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Hello folks! Welcome to CQExpat Club website. If you are new here, please read on.

General rules
1. Please make sure that appropriate category is selected for your new post. We may move it to the right location if it is wrong.
2. Duplicate information or posts without substance (e.g. just a link to a website) will be deleted.
3. Articles written in Chinese only are not welcome. A combination of both Chinese and English versions will be acceptable. Sales pitch written in Chinese only will be treated as junk.
4. It is advised that personal thoughts or topics be posted under Blogs.
5. Before you post a question, search for it on the forum. Someone else could have asked the same thing and been already answered!
6. If you have a Chongqing-based business and wish to promote it, post it in the Listings section.
7. No defamation, no scam and no spam on this site. If found, the offender's account could be closed (you may use Contact us page or simply PM webmaster to report such offenses).
8. No politically-sensitive / anti-government input on this site. This includes information about VPN. Not because it is bad, but because we want to survive to see you every day (you know what I mean:-).
9. The website has the ownership of all the posts submitted on it and the site owner / editors have the right to use, edit or remove them as they see fit.

Job posting guidelines
Check out this link.

Housing posting guidelines
Check out this link.

Credit system
- To submit a post under Jobs: Requires 2 credits
- To submit a post under Housing: Requires 2 credits
- To submit a promotional post (will be so labeled to stand out) in Forum: Requires 2 credits
- To submit a featured listing (will stay on top and have a star icon) in Listings: Requires 2 credits
- To display a post title in red to stand out: Requires 2 credits
- To display username in green everywhere and stay on top of members area: Requires 4 credits
- To hide profile: Requires 1 credit

* Please click on My account in your control panel to purchase credits. 
* We don't retain any credit card information. All transactions will be handled solely by PayPal.

How to deal with texts copied from MS Word?
Texts directly copied from MS Word may not display properly when posted. The solution is using the Paste as plain text button  on the web editor and the end result will be clean and tidy.

The best image size (Forum and Blogs)
When you upload an image on the Forum or Blogs, please try to make it smaller (preferably 610 px in width for main posts and 480 px in width for comments) by using graphic software (e.g. Photoshop, ACDSee, Picasa), otherwise it will take ages to load and may fail to display properly as well.

Also, make sure your image is no larger than 500kb, or it will not be accepted by the system.

How to easily go back to the homepage

Click on the CQExpat logo on any page and you will be brought directly to the homepage.

When someone comments on your own or subscribed posts, photos or your profile page, an automatic notifier will be sent to your email address. So make sure your email is correct and current.

Scam warning
There is scope for people to register a fake ID on Single and Looking for either game playing or gaining information under one ID and using it to play winning strategies under their real ID. You should be careful with your personal information and always meet someone for the first time in a public place. 

Money scammers, people who claim to have access to large amounts of money and need your help to transfer it, are never legitimate.

We will never divulge members' personal details to any other parties. They will only be used for commnuication on this website.

We strive to provide our members with as much information as possible on this website. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and shall not be held responsible for any damages caused. We are also unable to supervise and remove every unwelcome post/scam/spam every time.

Enjoy your stay and have fun in Chongqing.

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