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To the drunk Russian girl that stole my money in Jiefangbei  
You may not remember this as you were pretty drunk, so let me set the scene:

It was Wednesday night around 4:00. My fellows and I were coming from the True Color club on our way to McDonalds on Haochijie.  We ran into you alone, in front of the TNT club, arguing with police officers. You had no shoes on and your feet were bloody. You were belligerent, yelling and pushing the police officers.  We stepped in so that you would not get thrown into a Chinese jail (a place you most definitely don't want to go).  You said in broken Chinese that you had no money and needed to get home. I asked you where you lived and you told me on Chongqing University A Campus, but you did not know the name of the building. I found you a taxi and told the driver the situation. He told me it would be about a 40 yuan trip. You got in the passenger side and I gave the driver 40 yuan.

You then grabbed the money from his hand, opened the door, and ran off into the night, drunk, shoe-less, and alone.

Good on you. I'm not the kind of guy that normally does charitable work, but you looked like you were in a really bad way.  There're not many expats here in Chonqing. I use to believe that we all had some sort of unspoken bond. Strangers in a strange land who could help a fellow foreigner in need. But that night you proved me wrong. When I first received my passport in America, I was also give two ideas as well. First, as a foreigner in another country, I am a guest. I need to respect the people and the land I live in. Second, I am a representative of my country. Whatever I do in China will reflect not only on myself, but on the American people as a whole.

You probably don't speak English and cannot read this, but I hope that one day you can grow a little wiser and learn to make some better decisions in life. You showed me that people's good intentions can be taken for granted. So I have offered you this lesson on morality in return.

Enjoy my 40 yuan.

By Samort7 (Male. United States (USA))
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Date: 29 Jun 12    Views: 2473    Comments:           

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