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"sweep out the foreign trash" ?  

Following a recent incident in which a British man  sexually assaulted a young Chinese woman on thestreets of Beijing, and another in which a Russian musician verballyabused a Chinese woman on a train, Chinese netizens have begun to expressresentment towards the behavior of foreigners in China, and the authorities inBeijing have launched an initiative to expel foreigners who enter the countryillegally, overstay their visas, or seek illegal employment. In light of theseevents, Yang Rui, anchor for China Central Television's (CCTV's) Englishlanguage channel, has spoken out on his Sina Weibo microblogging account,calling for Chinese police authorities to "sweep out the foreign trash".Some say it marks a new wave of anti-foreigner sentiment in China, a diagnosisdenied by a scholar in Hong Kong who believes Yang Rui's comments wereunreasonably provocative and inflammatory.

In the events leading up toYang's Weibo comments, a video of an intoxicated British man publicly molestinga Chinese woman made its rounds on the Chinese internet. Shortly thereafteranother foreigner, later identified as Oleg Vedernikov, principal cellist forthe Beijing Symphony Orchestra, was caught on camera harassing and cursing at afemale Chinese train passenger (his dismissal from the orchestra was announcedon May 21st).

CCTV presenter Yang Rui'sWeibo  comments regarding these events have been described by variousmedia as a poisonous injection into the controversy.

On May 14th, Yang tweetedpublicly: "The police need to clean out the foreign trash: We shouldarrest foreign troublemakers and protect innocent young women; Wudaokou andSanlitun are our primary disaster zones. We must cut off the head of the snake.The unemployed from America and Europe come for our money; they engage in humantrafficking and spread rumors to encourage Chinese people to emigrate. We needto identify foreign spies who use Chinese girlfriends for cover while theygather intelligence and GPS information for Japan, Korea, America and Europe.Drive out that foreign bitch and shut down Al-Jazeera's Beijing bureau; makethose who demonize China shut up and get out."

The "foreign bitch"Yang Rui refers to is Chinese-American Melissa Chan, who until recently wasQatar-based news organisation Al-Jazeera's English correspondent in China,until she was expelled from the country after being refused a visa extension.

A new wave of anti-foreigner sentiment? 



By Ray W. (Male. Mauritius)
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Date: 29 May 12    Views: 564    Comments:           

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