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In the past 5 years, there were countless things worth noting that occurred on cqexpat website. I think it is necessary to single out some of the best and give them a timeline for record purposes.

* Please note: This is by no means a complete list. If anything important is missing, feel free to let me know and I will add it here.


* Two older versions of cqexpat. (Left: 2006 - 2008. Right: 2008-2010)

27 August 2011

5 Year Party for CQExpat. Held at CACTUS MEXICAN PUB and about 80 expats and locals attended.

Related information:

5 Year Party for CQExpat

10 August 2011

The third major upgrade for cqexpat. Server upgraded - now being hosted on a VPS which is faster and more stable, along with many other improvements.

13 June 2011 

Our best friend, Jim Zacker from Australia, passed away due to lung cancer. 

Related information: 

Jim Zacker (musicman)
Gatherings to Remember Jim Zacker
A Short Story about Jim Zacker

CAFE (Chinese and Foreigner Exchange) Club

7 November 2010

Another popular and long-lasting thread after Joke of the Day. It was titled Rant of the Day and posted by sumguynkc for people to vent their anger or complaints in their daily life.

Related information:

Rant of the Day

11 October 2010

Jim Summers (sumguynkc) from the US posted a notice about Jim Zacker's health condition and hospitalization, which has received over 2000 views and over 200 comments to date. After that numerous people went to visit him at the hospital.

Related information:

Jim Zacker (musicman)

20 August 2010

Second major upgrade for cqexpat. Essential layout change and many other improvements.

8 January 2010

CQExpat Magazine published. This 105-page e-magazine is a collection of over 30 nice articles published on this website by different members on different topics. These articles can also be accessed under the Recommended section of this site.

Related information:

Announcement: CQExpat Magazine free downloading

October 2009

The second "troll" joined cqexpat under two separate IDs and caught some members in his/her trap. Decision was made to remove this fake member, however, heated debate about this issue took place once again.

Related information:

The removal of CQBaby

July 2009

The first "troll" on cqexpat turned up by posting many controversial threads to incite arguments. Decision was made to keep him on the site after a 5-day public poll was carried out.

Related information:

Vote - Should we ban a member like ericonaldo

6 March 2009

Latinletterman from the US started a very popular and long-lasting thread titled Joke of the Day for people to share their jokes and get a laugh.

Related information:

Joke of the day

8 December 2008

Chongqing Handbook released. It is an English guide designed to provide expatriates with all-round information about Chongqing. Available for free downloading right on the website.

Related information:

Announcement: Chongqing Handbook released

November 2008

Penny (
Jabarufrom Australia contributed many informative articles about travelling around Chongqing area. She is an expert in Chongqing related information and provided many suggestions on the site.

Related information:

Check out the
Chongqing highlights section on the left hand side of every page.

18 September 2008

The youngest member joined the website (less than 1 month old). max's appearance on CQExpat was a surprise to everyone, because he was not even 1 month when he joined! In another word, he was just born. Guess who is his father? rog from Netherlands!

Related information:

A new citizen :)

15 August 2008

The first major upgrade for cqexpat. A big leap forward from the old version and well received by the cqexpat community. Since then membership base has been growing at a much faster pace.

Related information:

New version of
New version coming soon

June 2008

Scammer first joined cqexpat and finally removed. A large number of notorious African scammers signed up on the website repeatedly, typically disguising as beautiful young ladies, trying to rip off gullible members.

Related information:

Warning! Fake member may be conducting money scam on the site 
I think a scammer may have joined this site

18 May 2008

Agonized mother beejee from the US was desperately looking for her son Terrence with whom she lost contact after the earthquake. With CQExpat members' help she finally found him alive and well. 

Related information:

NoticeAnxious mother looking for her son missing in Chongqing

17 May 2008

Jim Zacker (musicman4069) put his Australian souvenir (the famous boomerang) on auction for Sichuan earthquake and the highest bid was RMB 1165 from Italian member macchi. He won it. All money was donated to Sichuan Red Cross.

Related information:

Auction - Proceeds to China Red Cross - Winner Macci/Red Cross

22 January 2008

Jim Zacker (musicman4069) created CAFE (Chinese and Foreigner Exchange) Club, with a simple purpose of offering an opportunity for lonely expats, English loving locals and so on to meet and chat over lunch or tea on weekends. It later became one of the most popular activities on cqexpat. After Jim passed away, this event was transformed into other derivatives.

Related information:

CAFE (Chinese and Foreigner Exchange) Club
Sunday C.A.F.E.
Sunday (NIGHT) C.A.F.E.

9 November 2007

A small cqexpat library for English book exchange was set up at the Honey Coffee, Hong Ya Dong. No membership required and open for book donation and exchange.

Related information:

Library for English book exchange

September 2007

cqexpat began to offer free Chinese lessons focusing on spoken Mandarin. It was hosted by Gary Go (webmaster) and carried on for many times at the Honey Coffee, Hong Ya Dong, and stopped after Gary moved back to Australia.

Related information:

New! Chinese class again on the coming Sunday (Sep.16, 2007)
Free Chinese class Sundays 5pm
The last Chinese class before the national holiday (30-Sep-2007)

20 May 2007

The May 18 edition of China Daily newspaper introduced cqexpat to its readers as the only expat online community in Chongqing.

Related information:

CQExpat Club has been introduced by China Daily (May 18 Edition)

August 2006

Chongqing Expat Website ( was first launched as a simple forum.
By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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Date: 05 Sep 11    Views: 167    Comments:           

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