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Learn Chinese with CQExpat Chinese tools  
First of all, I would like to talk a little bit about Chinese language learning.

What is the best way to learn Chinese? As with any foreign language, you must use it to master it. A basic textbook will help, but after that it's all about practice. Do not focus on grammatical stuff or theories - focus on applying whatever you learn in everyday life! 

Learning a language is about using all senses of your body to feel it. Listen to impress the sound into your mind, speak to adapt your tongue for the new way of speaking, read to expand your vocabulary, and write to put it into use and get your message across. Last but not least, translate / interpret to reinforce your language skill and help your brain switch between your mother tongue and your acquired language seamlessly! Once you've motivated all your senses towards a language, it'll become part of you sooner or later and no one can take it away from you.

Do you need to set a goal for your language learning? No. Your goal is to do what you can do, and your second language will be acquired naturally - that is, focus on what you are doing, and the outcome will follow.

You will find many Chinese schools to help you begin your journey, and CQExpat used to run a small Chinese workshop to get people off the ground. Now we can no longer offer this service, however, we are glad to announce we have implemented some useful online Chinese tools on this website. Instead of teaching you Chinese word by word, which you can learn from your language school or on your own, we offer you an automated reference service to help you enhance what you've learnt.

There are essentially four tools and let me introduce them to you one by one.

Chinese Handwriting Tool

The starting point is to acquire the Chinese words you need. If you have problem typing Chinese by Pinyin, then this tool will help you input Chinese by simply drawing the characters. 

Just make sure to stick to a general rule of Chinese handwriting, that is from top to bottom, and from left to right, as with reading a book, and you will get your strokes recognized by the handwriting device.

Chinese<->English Translator

Once you get the Chinese words in eletronic form, you can be free to use them for multiple purposes. You can, of course, translate them into English, using our online Chinese<->English Translator. Using this tool you can translate in both directions (from English or from Chinese). 

Chinese to Pinyin Converter

Then, what about Pinyin with tones? Well, as a Chongqing native, even I can not speak perfect mandarin, in terms of alveolar consonants, retroflex consonants, nasal tones, etc. This is a problem with all southern Chinese people. With the help of Chinese to Pinyin Converter, I know exactly how a Chinese word should be pronounced and won't make the same mistake again. Then how about you as a non-Chinese speaker?

By the way, if you are a Chinese language teacher, you may also find this tool useful in preparing your teaching materials. It can perform a full conversion of a long Chinese text into Pinyin (with tones, very important :-).

Chinese Text to Speech

Not satisfied with just Pinyin? Now you can hear the voice as well! Use Chinese Text to Speech tool and get the Chinese speaking of your words instantly. Combined with the Pinyin conversion device, this can be very powerful in improving your Chinese pronunciation (* Please note the Chinese Text to Speech tool currently only supports Google Chrome, so do use this browser if you wish to enjoy the benefit).

I must say these tools are not only for Chinese learners. They can be helpful for foreigners who just wish to get some ideas or get their message accross. I will refer to my example here again: if you (a non-Chinese speaker) see a sign in the street which might be important, or get a flyer which looks interesting, and you wish to know what it means, you may simply 1) use the Chinese Handwriting Tool to handwrite the Chinese words, make the right selection, and then copy and paste the results into the Chinese<->English Translator. There you go! Without being able to speak a Chinese word, and without knowing a single Pinyin, you can understand the Chinese words in question. Isn't that handy? :-)

You may be able to find other usages of these tools. For example, you may use the Handwriting device to learn how to write Chinese characters. Just use your creativity.

Now, where to find these tools? When you enter into your profile page (Control Panel), you will see this:

Alternatively, you may go directly (without logging in) to Features / Chinese tools and begin to use them right away!

Comments? Suggestions? You don't need to know Chinese to write here. :-)
By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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Date: 04 Jul 11    Views: 251    Comments:           

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