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CQIFC match against Yongchuan District  


On November 21st, 2009, CQIFC visits Yongchuan and play against a local team selected by the Yongchuan District Government. The objective is fun, friendship and – of course – a bit of competition. Our team on the day will consist of app. 15 players, all foreign expats from about 10 countries from all over the World.

Proposed schedule:

07.45   Departure to Yongchuan by bus – venue to be decided.
09.15   Arrival to Yongchuan City football ground – venue to be decided
09.30   Warm up
10.05   Team photos
10.15   CQIFC – YONGCHUAN 1st half (no limits on substitutions)
11.00   End of 1st half
11.15   CQIFC – YONGCHUAN 2nd half (no limits on substitutions)
12.00   End of match
12.30   Lunch (at own costs) – venue to be decided
14.00   Departure Yongchuan
16.00   Arrival Chongqing

We expect 15 players and 30 family CQIFC supporters to join this event. In total 45 people.

CQIFC belongs to all of Chongqing, not just the main city. Therefore, we will arrange trips to Chongqing districts twice per year. We are grateful that Yongchuan City government has agreed to host to this match and spread international friendship around Chongqing Municipality.


Chairman Hans Halskov, Consul, Royal Danish Consulate, 135 9463 6599, fax: 63725284

By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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Date: 17 Nov 09    Views: 96    Comments:           

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