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CQ news - Reading becoming a new fashion in the long holiday  
Chongqing 6 October 2009


Spending the long National Day holiday in reading books instead of travelling has become a new fashion of recreation for local citizens in Chongqing. It is reported that in the first 4 days of the holiday, the number of readers coming to the city’s major bookstores was much larger than that of last year. More and more people chose to spend the long holiday in a more cultural way by reading this year.

Throngs of people were seen going in and out of the big bookstore in Jiefangbei yesterday, which made the security guards extremely busy keeping public order and guiding customers. The one in charge of the bookstore said that except on Oct.1, the number of readers coming to the bookstore every day reached over 30,000, which was two times the number on ordinary days and book sales turnover totaled more than 2 million Yuan just in the first four days, up 10% on the same period last year.

Among the book buyers, mostly were white-collar workers and students with the latter accounting for 60% of the sales volume.

During these special days of commemorating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a majority of the local citizens chose to buy masterpieces and classic books of history or literature that reflect and embody the richness of the time-honored culture and tradition of this country. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Red Mansion Dream, Journey to the West and Heroes of the Marshes, the four Chinese masterpieces, were among the best sellers.

Besides, in several big major bookstores in Yuzhong District, young readers who usually had a hamburger and a bottle of water as a meal could often be seen sitting on the floor reading books all day long, which became quite a spectacular phenomenon. Some student readers came to read every day and got familiar with one another by spending the long cultural holiday together.
Disclaimer: CQExpat does not garantee the reliability of the news sources, nor the timeliness of the news itself. We provide the translation of the news story because we think it is important or noteworthy.
By Emily (Female. China)
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Date: 06 Oct 09    Views: 62    Comments:           

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