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CQ news - 56-year-old man detained for 5 days due to smoking  
Chongqing 29 August 2009

(Mr. Zhao was very upset at the police station.)

(Many people smoke inside Chaotianmen markets.)

On the morning of 29 August 2009, Mr. Zhao, 56 years of age from Hubei Province, was caught smoking inside the Jinhaiyang Shopping Mall at Chaotianmen and then taken to the Chaotianmen Police Station. This man was later sentenced to 5-day detention for this “risky” behavior which could cause fire in the marketplace.

At around 10am, the officers from Yuzhong District Chaotianmen Fire Department saw Mr. Zhao smoking at the fire passage on the 4th floor of the Jinhaiyang Shopping Mall. Less than 1 meter from him was a sign clearly stating “Fire hazard. No smoking.”

Mr. Zhao only came to Chongqing to visit his son, who runs a store on the 4th floor of the shopping mall, less than 20 days ago. His son was looking after the shop while he was smoking outside, chatting with a customer.

After showing Mr. Zhao the related codes of the new Fire Prevention Act, the fire department officers arrested him and decided to detain him for 5 days. He is the first person to be detained in Chongqing since the new Fire Prevention Act came into effect.

At the end of April this year, Chaotianmen and Caiyuanba Fire Departments were set up to prevent fire. Illegal smoking previously incurred only a fine, which turned out to be ineffective. The massive fire that happened at Chaotianmen markets in 1995 was set off by a burning cigarette butt. From July this year, the penalty was changed to administrative detention.

Detention of 5 days for smoking in the shopping mall caused tremendous controversy online. Many people believe this penalty is way too harsh for such a minor offence. According to Mr. Zhao’s son, the new Fire Prevention Act stipulates that a warning or a fine of up to 500 Yuan applies to smoking in restricted areas, and detention of up to 5 days only applies to “very serious offences”. “My father is an honest person and did not cause any trouble to fire department officers, so this should not be a serious offence.” He was quoted as saying.
Disclaimer: CQExpat does not garantee the reliability of the news sources, nor the timeliness of the news itself. We provide the translation of the news story because we think it is important or noteworthy.

By webmaster (Male. Australia)
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Date: 31 Aug 09    Views: 185    Comments:           

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