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Chongqing periphery tour Raiders ( recommended)

If the attempt to get along well with Chongqing, you can only from the main urban areas of the essence of beauty taste Chongqing hot spicy flavor, but if time off, there is a three five day, can go out of the city zone of Chongqing, to see the scenery outside Chongqing.

Qijiang District

In a folk.

Representative scenic spots: Sword mountain Forest Park, stone Museum

Qijiang district is a district of Wansheng and the Qijiang county with a zone, is the South Gate "of Chongqing, known in ancient. Here presented a beautiful Karst landscape, mountain, hilly throughout, Qijiang river runs through the north and the south, and the Po River, the Qing River tributary converge into a cross-flow river.

Gu Jianshan is a famous Chongqing original ecological tourist attractions, scenic spot" in East Sichuan area is one of the twelve king". Here undulating hills, towering peaks, dense forests, trees, and small reservoir is dotted, presents a stereo landscape stone landscape forest. Here is the southwest region famous Buddhist holy sites, since the Northern Song Dynasty temple net tone I was having a great reputation.

Now the sword mountain become Chongqing weekend1 hours play circle the most favorite one of the Forest Park, here is said to the negative oxygen ion content ranked first in the city, in the area of tourism and mountaineering walking step, or live in mountains resort in a day of fresh oxygen, can enjoy the resort expert therapeutic health scheme, for the treatment of sub-health state of city people very helpful.

Qijiang district is another selling point is the national character and style, Yi, Miao, Tujia,16nationalities living here, the folk custom with strong national characteristics. In the District of Qijiang can enjoy the blue calico, tie-dye and batik, wood carving, wood carvings, New Year paintings, paper-cut, lace, embroidery and other traditional folk art, in the south of Qijiang in the Forest Park mountains of Shimen temple stone Museum, can enjoy the100 statue of Ming Dynasty sculpture stone figures, a variety of forms, extraordinary as if done by the spirits of god.

Fuling District

The Pakistani capital with mustard

Representative scenic spots: crane beam, rock carvings, Ooki Katani North

Fuling mustard almost everyone knows Fuling is tasted, mustard Town, not knowing the Chongqing region in the history was the Pakistani capital, so stay under the Pakistani first tomb tomb and other precious historical relics.

" The bottom of the" White Crane Ridge is located on the Fuling River in a natural stone bridge, the10~15 meters wide cliff,1600 meters in length, from west to East, in line with the parallel walls, and a" White-Crane epigraph", the spectacular. And the men of literature and writing, Fuling's not to be missed scenic and Northern Rock inscription, there used to be a Northern Rock academy, were men of literature and writing together, therefore retained the hundreds of pieces of cliff inscriptions, the majority has important historical value and artistic value of calligraphy.

Having seen Fuling's long history, can also enjoy the" Chongqing Provence" style. If it is summer, Ooki Katani is going to have a look, about the middle of July, valley of flowers Neiwan sunflower blooming, lavender, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, cosmos, flowers of chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Cleome Qunfang Zhengyan, great style.

Wulong County

Forest Park." World heritage"

Representative scenic spots: born three Qiao, sinkholes, cave, the fairy maiden mountain, Wujiang Gallery

The lower reaches of Wujiang in Wulong county a few years this rise to fame, thanks to the" Curse of the Golden Flower" and other films will be here as a location, Wulong became the tourists to visit destination. Wulong is a world natural heritage site, a beautiful fairy Mountain National Forest Park, cave, steep Tiankeng slit, born three Qiao demonstrated unique Karst landform. Wherein, born three Qiao is the most attract sb.'s attention, three huge, of great momentum natural stone bridge is the world's largest natural bridge group. Houping Tiankeng is our country and even the world the only surface water erosion of Tiankeng cluster, from the mouth to look down, cliff steep, sinkholes have no bottom, wonderful danger incomparable, during the rainy season, the flow from one hundred or two hundred meters steep cliff feixie and be free from things of the world, far from the madding crowd, a kind of feeling.

Wulong also is hiding. Landscape art gallery Wujiang here flows, range upon range of mountains, cliffs on both sides of the Straits, touch the sky Kusong inversions, steep abnormalities, famous cornucopia beach, Jiangmen gorge and salty gorge quite " dagger " wind.

Banan District

East warm springs at bath

On behalf of: East, South Lake Scenic hot springs, Qiao Ping

Banan district is the predecessor of the history of the Millennium town station, not only has a long history, but also very rich in water resources. Here signs is the name of many thermal springs, which is in the " East hot spring of four famous springs in Chongqing " first, not only because of its600 years of history, but also because it has" East hot spring bath" unique custom. From the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, in East hot spring bath is the local people 's living custom, regardless of the spring and autumn and winter, day and night, people of all ages and both sexes are in the bath water, we enjoy, there is no shy of the state, which has become the customs in Banan, can still be realized that only two bathing culture.

The Banan area is rich in water resources, in the lake can also feel. Here is the latest from Chongqing and the largest artificial lake, boat tour of Huaxi river reservoir, in front of mountain around the lake, enjoy a rare good mood.

By Backpack (Male. China)
Date: 26 May 12    Views: 30    Comments: 0          

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