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Chongqing Expo Garden

Garden Expo Park is located in Chongqing City North District Dragon Lake Park, the existing area of 219.6831hectares, surrounded by street, overlooking the Jinyun Mountain, Jigong Mountain, Jialing River, a Buddism godness Guanyin Wentang gorge gorge mountain gorge landscape, Waterscape, and Beibei city landscape, which can meet the tour and rest. Costing nearly 2000000000, covers an area of 3300acres of Chongqing Garden Expo Park, is a set of natural landscape and cultural landscape as one of the large city ecological park.

Park Introduction

The Expo Garden is arranged inside the entrance theme of the display areas, traditional garden collection area, international garden show area, modern garden show, Three Gorges area show ecological demonstration area and landscape ecological experience area and six large area, built 51000square meters of landscape architecture and 26scenic spots, a blend of21 foreign countries and regions of the 30city and more than 80 domestic city classic landscape. Not only embodies the rich and colorful of Chinese traditional garden culture, is full of exotic. Garden Expo park according to the function set up entrance area, garden area, exhibition area and ecological district four parts.

Entrance area: including the main entrance, entrance, entrance west east time time three.

Garden area is located in the Plains: Exhibition Park and hilltop ecological zone the landscape between the sloping field, has the better visual enjoyment and good viewing sight. According to a shaft of a ring of stars" structure planning, set migratory wetland, Wolong stone, double Pavilion falls, Long Jing college, Huaxi, Castle Peak, Liquidambar wetland cottage autumn stop, Fair Park, Genting Range Rover, leisurely garden, garden, the six king of Bayu, rain lounge, Mo Wen world and other scenic areas, attractions.

Exhibition Park: according to the planning and design of the land requirement, make full use of the garden city garden of relatively flat area, including northern gardens, gardens, south of the Five Ridges gardens, landscape, and modern landscape, Fair Park, West Garden, Hong Kong and Macao garden, landscape and garden international enterprise10Exhibition Park, including a collection of Chinese different schools of architecture and exotic International Garden, a garden127.

Ecological area: for the maintenance of the park overall excellent ecological environment of the hill and set area, since the park garden green background, but also maintain the diversity of animal and plant natural treasure house.

Ticket information

Just 40 yuan per person

The child,70 years old free of charge

From this year (2011) in November 19th to May 30, 2012, the Expo Garden temporary ticket price was ultimately determined to be40 yuan / person, than the original price20 yuan, sightseeing car battery temporary fare approved for 10yuan / person.

The height 1.20 meters ( including 1.20 meters) below the children, execute free of charge; student group ticket fees by half. More than 60 years of age,70 years of age in the elderly admission fee charged by half, and servicemen, disabled revolutionary servicemen, martyred, retired army cadres, the disabled and elderly persons over the age of 70, such as holding a valid documents are free tickets.





By Backpack (Male. China)
Date: 06 May 12    Views: 102    Comments: 0          

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