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Chongqing springs

Chongqing springs

Chongqing springs is a world-class tourist resources, the world's only known as the hot springs are the Hungarian capital Budapest hot spring can be put on a par with Chongqing and. Chongqing hot springs development has long. Relying on the rich natural resources of hot springs, 2005 Chongqing municipal city hall puts forward to build Chongqing into a "hot spring" the strategy is decision-making, make the hot springs became Chongqing 's four" city card". In December 11, 2005," the first in Chongqing City Hot Spring Tourism Festival" in Jiulongpo District Tianci spa grand opening day, attracted more than 5 people to a bubble bath spa. Therefore the market capacity, Chongqing hot spring market will inevitably have a considerable room for improvement, market prospect is valued.

Spring bearing multilayer culture. A veteran of the Chongqing hot springs include: Chongqing south hot springs, Hot Springs Hot Springs North, East, ( referred to as the southern spring, north, East ), newly developed hot springs include: Chongqing King hot springs, a hot spring and so on, the new Chongqing spa brand: Chongqing Xianghai spa.

Chongqing King Spa

King: King SPA Spa features because of its large flow, types, high water temperature, water quality, scientific value significantly higher characteristics, Chongqing ranked first in the southwest, is a must. There are 25 natural springs, daily surge capacity up to 30000 tons, average temperature of 52 degrees C, up to 62 degrees, Chung Sand Springs, suspension spring, pearl spring, spring and other hot spring type earthquake hyperplasia, rich in strontium, calcium sulfate, silicate and other mineral components and trace elements.

East hot spring

East hot springs located in Chongqing Banan region in the five step of riverside, the downtown of the city zone 68 kilometers, area has the size of 48 spring at. Hot hole, cave, ancient fairy Dongting, dozen cave, Longquan jade stream, waterfall, fountain, son of longan pocket springs, hot spring bath beach, outdoor swimming, eighteen half tree, Wan rock shadow, they Xiakou, range rover, the attic Peninsula cliff plank road, Zijin Mountain, southern flying club, five cloth river rafting in twenty-four king. They gorge downstream of a spring, by the local people and the neighboring districts and Guizhou villagers as "". Regardless of seasons, day and night, both men and women in bathing, no constrained shy of the state, may be called folk art. East hot spring strip naked and hot holes formed natural sauna" east two great", the world wonders, rare in the world, afford much food for thought, provoking.

Heung Hoi Spa

Located in Yongchuan, Chongqing only one hour's drive from the city. Chongqing Xianghai spa in Bath Spa, meditation self-cultivation for positioning, concentration of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism culture and the world of bath culture, is a hot spring health care for the subject characteristics, a set of rooms, catering and entertainment, business meetings, health care, water park and cultural landscape tourism resort project in multifunctional large Chongqing Spa Resort, is the southwest region's most cultural grade, the largest natural hot springs. Chongqing Xianghai SPA service characteristics are: Chongqing Spa: ready for you from head to foot spa massage; Chongqing Turkey spa area: this area has from Turkey's " kiss fish" for you to overcome fatigue; hot springs in Chongqing Chinese Tai Chi area: area five pool followed by principle of Taoism, for you to keep five line balancing; Chongqing hot passion in surf zone: high up to 1 meters of hot spring surfing, let you experience fighting in pleasure; Chongqing hot spring butterfly valley ecological area: including traditional Chinese medicine feeding spring, prolong life of elderly springs, as well as private, quiet and comfortable sweethearts spring; in numerous Qingshanxiushui, in many different attitude the garden, in many a jewelled palace in elfland's hills; here in the United States is unable to use words to show, it is the treasure in the world with our tour life years world wall cloth. In this mountain and landscape with water, mountain ring of water around the beauty of. It is not help but let us sing my song, bright life journey, sing of the joy of life, sing brilliant future, sing of motherland and the prosperity.

By Backpack (Male. China)
Date: 11 Jan 12    Views: 125    Comments: 0          

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