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Good Mood Coffee 良木缘咖啡西餐厅

Features: The beef is imported from America with an equal proportion of fat and meat. And it is favored among white collar workers because of its precious original materials and good tastes.

Attractions: Grilled Angus Top Rib Eye Steak;  Grilled Angus Top Short Rib; Grilled Fillet Steak with “Marsala” Sauce; Spicy Beef Pizza; Special Good Mood Coffee; Blue Mountain Blend Coffee; Flavored Coffee and Milk Chocolate; Royal Iced Coffee with Bandy; Kenya AA Golden

Address: 4th floor, No.139, Yinzuo Theme Shopping Square, Zhourong Road, Jie Fangbei
Tel: 023-63700125

BLENDZ Coffee Shop 百怡咖啡

Blenz Coffee Company is a famous Canadian coffee franchise, with a relaxing and caring atmosphere, quality coffee accompanied by unique beverages and snacks. It succeeds in its pursuit to attract young and fashionable clientele.

Blenz Coffee has a full and exquisite flavor, typical of North American coffee.  Its service style is the same as that in Vancouver. There is no service person to take your order. Instead, you order at the counter yourself. The syrups, chocolate powder and milk are all self-served.

Address: 2nd floor of Maison Mode Times, Zhourong Road Jie Fangbei

La Scene 琦云西餐咖啡

La Scene Café La Scene Café has aromatic, mellow coffee, delicious bisque, sizzling iron-panned beefsteak, a variety of Italian pizza, French style mushroom and chicken, and Italian tiramisu… Afternoon tea compliments the tiramisu, egg tarts, cakes, cookies, shortbread, and other pastries.

Address: 2nd floor of Wangfujing Department Store, Diwang Square, Jiefangbei

Pinfang Coffee 品坊咖啡

The decoration style of Pinfang Coffee is unique and elegant. In order to be the top branded coffee outlet in Chongqing, Pinfang cafe has become a member of the China Coffee Association. Offering only the finest quality coffees, it is proud to serve the top Italian coffee- ILLY.  Meanwhile Pinfang Lecafe offers free wireless Internet connections, making it a great place to relax or work. 

Address: #250 Bayi Road (Bayi Guesthouse), Jiefangbei. Take the glass elevator to the third floor.

UBC Coffee 上岛咖啡

UBC can offer you the most aromatic and full-bodied coffee, and the sweetest assortment of beverages. Though located on a busy street, the shop is a great place to retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Address: 1st floor of Diwang Square, #166 Minzu Road, Jiefangbei.

Club Laden Bar

Address: Hong Yadong, CangBai Road, JieFangBei, near by the Carrefour Supermarket.

Emperor Entertainment Group Bars

Address: Hong Yadong, CangBai Road, JieFangBei, near by the Carrefour Supermarket


Features: Whisky and vodka

Opening time: 8.00 pm-5.00 am

Address: Bar Street, Hongyadong, Yuzhong District

Bus Routes: 418 462 463 265 601 702 703

FRISCO Coffee shop

Attractions: Coffee, cakes and free internet access

Location: Second level of Paradise Walk Shopping Plaza near Watsons (Jiang Bei District)

Milo coffee 米萝咖啡

Address: No.18 1- A in Paradise Walk  (Jiang Bei District)
Tel: 023-67706667

Starbucks 星巴克

Address: Ground floor in Paradise Walk below Milo coffee (Jiang Bei District)

Ali and Aide Western Food & Coffee 阿利与艾德西餐咖啡厅

Address: 2nd floor of Far-eastern Department Store, Paradise Walk  (Jiang Bei District) 
Tel: 023-89118066

Champs Elysees 1902 香榭丽 1902

Attractions: French style building, well decorated, romantic

Address: Nanbin Road, Nan’an District

Sunshine Coffee

Features: Outdoor with a nice river view

Address: Music Square in Nanbin Road, Nan’an District

Tel: 023-62833891,62927377

Unique Café

Unique Cafe ,set up in 2002, is the first Italian Café in Chongqing. The flagship store lies in Nanbin Road. It is the exclusive shop of Italian super coffee—LAVAZZ in Southwest China. Unique Cafe offers its best coffee and Italian life-style.

Address: Nanbin Road, Nan’an District

Bus Routes: 338, 373, 872, 962B

Tel: 023-60689122

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